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  • From out of the light Part 5

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    The Pleaidians discuss From Out of the Light, a New World is Forming

    A seven part series from the Pleiadians originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

    Think it into existence

    As you think, so can you do it. Nothing is impossible. As Spirit thinks things into being, so can you think things into being. Although we tell you these things, we know that it will take most of you a lifetime, and maybe never, to assimilate and learn to do what you think is impossible.

    Although we realize this, we still come to tell you that the way must be prepared, not only for yourself, but also for the future generations. As you gain Light and knowledge, so will your children began to learn, and your children’s children, and their children.

    How you develop spiritually affects your physical body

    It must begin now. As you learn of these things, you must try to achieve all that we tell you. As you do so, your body will actually begin to evolve and you will pass this to future generations not only in a spiritual way but through the physical as well. Your physical structure through your DNA is continually changing and evolving to accommodate that which happens first in the spiritual realm. In other words, in places that are unseen to you as of yet.

    Know this to be true, that how you develop spiritually will have a direct impact on your physical body. Your body will grow and develop to accommodate the spiritual. We do not always mean to say that your body will necessarily change its outward characteristics, but its internal structure is where the most profound changes will take place.

    Understand that you will not automatically sprout wings in order to fly, but know that that flying is simply a matter of thought. In time, it will be possible to think yourself right through a wall and up a flight of steps in two seconds if that is what you want.

    Pleiadians speak to your hearts and minds from the Pleiades

    Look at us. We say this with a smile, but are we not a good example? We speak to you, yet we are not in your physical world. Have we not achieved the absolutely impossible by speaking within the hearts and minds of people? How do we do this? It is easy for us as we live far into your future and have evolved to this point, as you will begin to do so now. We can simply think our way into other realities.

    In other words, you exist in our dreams, and all we do is insert ourselves into you as we dream together. Remember, we are your future and you are our past. In our dreams we exist as one. If we exist as one, then we can function as one.

    Although we function as one, we are really not one, but separate, because we are the future extension of you. We must tell you that as we are the extension of you in your future, we have become more highly evolved and it is easier for us to accomplish that which we come to tell you.

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  • Spiritual Training Part 5

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    The Pleiadians discuss your spiritual training

    A 7 part article by Pleiadian Channeler Lia Shapiro originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

    The Growing of Your Soul

    You can evolve by taking in information that you need to develop your soul. Soul information is different in that it aids your spiritual development. We are not saying that all things that you experience are not beneficial to your development. Certainly all things aid you in your progression, even those things that seem to be of an earthly nature. The difference is that soul information is given to you, or comes to you at a certain level. You perceive it to be of a spiritual nature. You take it in, knowing consciously that it is different than your usual learning lessons of life.

    If you are consciously and spiritually evolving, you will be fully aware of it, although you are always evolving at all levels. What we are saying here, is that there will be those that choose to ignore that from which they came. The Earth realm has completely captured them. Know that you are here, and that you are Light, and you are certainly participating at much more then an Earth realm level. If you have come this far with us, you are certainly seeking to evolve spiritually on a conscious level. You are not flailing through life, learning your lessons haphazardly, but are diligently striving to remember all that you really are. In the process of evolving, you have begun to realize that you are simply more than a body. You are becoming aware of why things happen to you. You may not be fully cognizant of everything, but you are beginning to see there is an invisible world in back of the physical one that you see with your eyes.

    This invisible world that we speak of is the spiritual world in which you first sprouted. We use the names with which you are familiar with. Invisible, spiritual, these are simply human words to describe that which is not describable. Simply know and understand that you have not sprouted first in the physical world, but came forth from another realm. You are spirit first, and then you manifested in a realm that appears to be physical.

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  • The Higher Self of Sex 1

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    The body is only a physical manifestation of all that you are. If this is so, then you must understand that at the root core of yourself lies the mystery of sex. We think your word sex is actually an interesting word to call what you must know is the link up of your body to realms which lie outside of yourself. There are many at this time that do not realize the divine aspect of sex, and how it connects you to a part of yourself that lies beyond what you believe to be simply physical.

    You have been given the ability to not only see, hear, taste, smell and feel, but to connect with all of your senses to an outside invisible source through sex. It is through sex that you feel a force that can be like no other. It is a power that grabs and holds and seduces you with the intensity of feeling that surpasses all senses.

     With your body you are capable of feeling past the point of simple physical expression. You go beyond all earthly and physical pleasures into a realm of indescribable passions and ethereal pleasures. Please know that this special and sensual pleasure is really quite beyond the ordinary human senses, in that you are also connecting on another level.

    Although your physical senses become excited, they ultimately serve to lead you into a realm that goes beyond the physical sensation of pleasure. Each part of your body, namely the specific points and locations on the male and female, if stimulated, soon bring on extremely pleasing sensations. If the stimulation is carried through in a correct manner, all sensation ultimately leads to what you call an orgasm.

    Pleiadian Wisdom on 7 Steps to Access the Higher Self of Sex:

    1. Body is only a physical manifestation of all that you are

    2. Human orgasm is the bodily equivalent to a spiritual cosmic experience

    3. Think of sex as a gift of sorts

    4. Ultimate sex is about connecting to a spiritual force outside of yourself

    5. Sex is a very big issue because it is not very well understood

    6. Sex is a feeling that is vital to all parts of yourself

    7. We bring you all that you need to know to go further into the realms of spirithood