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  • From out of the light Part 3

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    The Pleaidians discuss From Out of the Light, a New World is Forming

    A seven part series from the Pleiadians originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

    Light upon earth

    Civilizations are living now that operate at different frequencies. Many of them are creations of the Light, often living in groups or clusters and scattered across the world in such nations as Africa, Australia, India, South America, many islands, and even in North America. Sometimes these groups are so isolated that they are practically unheard of, or else not much attention is paid to them.

    More often than not, civilized nations look down their noses, if you will, thinking these people lack the intelligence to even care for themselves properly. The truth is, these people serve a higher purpose in the world than anyone might suspect. As an isolated group, or culture unto themselves, they serve as a special unit that is unified for the purpose of creating and intensifying Light upon Earth.

    Imagine if you will, each one of these people as a very tall pole that is sparking with Light and energy. The sparks fly so high that they touch the next pole, and the next, and the next, until the very air above and between all the poles come alive with electrified energy. Will this energy not have the power to change the very molecules in the air? This air space can definitely become different, and although you may not always understand the deeper nature of the changes, it is being changed.

    Those of the Light need to cluster together

    Those of the Light that cluster together have tremendous power to affect the Earth. Many of these special people throughout history have realized their purpose in one way or another, but many have not, especially in modern times. There are millions that are still searching for their purpose in life. They grasp and clutch at the wrong things and suffer tremendously from disappointment and heartache. When finally they achieve what they thought they wanted to achieve, only emptiness and lack of satisfaction fills the soul with bitter disillusionment.

    We want to tell you there is more, so much more that you are suppose to be accomplishing. You know this to be so, and that is why perhaps you are reading this with eager anticipation. You would not have read this far if you were not of the Light. You would not be here now if you did not know in your heart that you belong here. You would not continue reading if you did not believe in the very deepest part of yourself that we have a message especially for you.

    Your prearranged meeting with the Pleiadians

    You are not weak because you stay with us. You are not trying to escape reality. Do not believe it when they try to tell you that you are. You are not reading this because you are a strange and weird person. You are simply here with us because this is where you are suppose to be. Think of it as a pre-arranged meeting. You marked it on your calendar so long ago that you have forgotten, and we are simply calling you up to remind you. We will jog your memory and you will at long last remember the things that we are telling you. In fact, understand that what we tell you, will become yours to know.

    Consciousness is one

    You are connected to others, not in the physical realm, but in the spiritual realm, which you may very well think of as the unseen realm. You have heard of collective consciousness, and we tell you that indeed there is such a thing. We tell you it is true that you may not be the first person to think of an idea. If you think of it, no doubt someone else has thought of it too. This occurs because consciousness is one.

    All consciousness is the consciousness of the ultimate Creator God. This may be a difficult thought to fathom, but think of all minds throughout all of time as one mind. This one mind is that of the Great Spirit, the only Spirit that has created everything under creation. When you think, know that you are thinking the thoughts of God. Every time you act, know that your expression is the expression of God. Think on this if you will, by taking a moment to reflect or meditate on what we have just told you.

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  • Spiritual Training Part 6

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    The Pleiadians discuss your spiritual training

    A 7 part article by Pleiadian Channeler Lia Shapiro originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

    Learning How to Survive Reality

    This physical realm has characteristics unlike those in the spiritual realm. You might say that existence or survival is a bit more intense, not only in a physical sense, but emotionally as well. You feel things like you will not feel them at the higher realms. Putting the spirit, so to speak in a body is not the easiest of things to do! It can be quite a chore, sometimes, to carry on, such as you do, and to refrain from completely breaking down in all the many situations that you encounter in your time upon Earth. We tell you this, knowing full well, that although you may have many despairing moments, you have come here with a plan. It can often be difficult, but all that you do, and all that you encounter are exactly those things that will take to where you need to go.

    You will survive! You were designed to survive. You have a purpose, and you will fulfill that purpose. It may be that you have known in the deepest part of yourself that there was something that you were suppose to be doing. Perhaps, it is so that you even have a mission. You may not know what it is now, but you feel the stirrings. It will be revealed in time. Be patient, dear one, for if the time is not now, then it will be at a time when you are fully prepared and ready to pursue that which you were brought here for.

    You may have many moments of sadness. This is okay, for in your sadness, you feel the moods and movements of spirit. Spirit is emotion. By experiencing and expressing your emotion, you come alive and feel the Spirit part of yourself. When you feel joy, you feel Spirit; when you feel sorrow, you feel Spirit; even in your anger, you are feeling that which you are made of. It is when you feel nothing, that you have shut yourself off to what you are. It is important that you strive for feeling. Of course, we do not want to condone emotions that run amok! We always think it is beneficial to have some measure of discipline and control. We might even say that it is absolutely vital and to your benefit that you learn to control and even corral your emotions. This is necessary, in that human emotion can spring forth, creating a life of its own, and even run rampant. This is true of your current level of reality.

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