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The Pleiadian Realm Exists Outside Our Normal Ideas of Time

If we are to wake up, it is important to explore the possibilities and reach further to know who we really are.  By exploring and remaining open, it is always possible to reach beyond ourselves for enlightenment, higher wisdom, and guidance.  The Pleiadian Realm is not at the God level, yet it does exist in time beyond the human level.  Ponder for a moment how another system of life might possibly run parallel to our own system of life.

The Pleiadian Realm operates outside of our normal concept of  linear time.  While it operates in another star system, it also exists outside of our normal ideas of time.  Imagine for a moment that all of time takes place at the same time – both the past, present as well as the future.  If we can tune into a so called past life, then we can also tune into future life – thus the Pleiadian Realm, and beyond.  The idea here is for us now to begin to grasp the concept that time does not really exists.  Neither does time run in a straight line.  The time issue is much more complex than that, so much so that it often completely alludes us.

Avoid Rigid and Unyielding Thinking

As we seek and learn of things unknown, we will walk down many paths in life encountering just what we need to help awaken us to a higher destiny.  Our journey will cover a lifetime as we gather a multitude of experiences that will help us to expand and evolve.  The most important issue to the human condition is not to allow ourselves to become rigid and unyielding in our thinking.  This is a common human affliction and causes many to shut down the gates to further exploration, settling comfortably within the confines of one belief system.  Our universe is expansive, vast and never ending and mostly unknown – anything at all is possible…and all things are possible

Remember This Pleiadian Truth

Awareness brings realization.  Realization causes an awakening.  Awakening brings us to an in-Lightened state.  In the Light, you will find your truth….and finally you will know the power is within YOU.


The messages on this page and website are excerpts from the Pleiadian channeled book Comes The Awakening: Realizing The Divine Nature of Who You Are

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