The God of America

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Excerpts from the Pleiadian channeled book Comes The Awakening: Realizing The Divine Nature of Who You Are


People often turn to religion when searching for substance and meaning to their lives.  Christianity in particular has permeated American culture, although awareness of this phenomena is not always recognized. Even those who profess no religion are caught up in overtones that weave throughout the very fabric of American society.  People have become lost among morals, principles and beliefs that originated with Christianity.

What America is today is largely a result of the beliefs and ways of many of its founding fathers.  They went in search of a new land.  They went in search of freedom where they were able to express that which they believed.  Their belief was the God of the Bible.

America was built upon a Biblical foundation.  Even the Constitution was drawn up according to the morals and values of its forefathers.  It is this foundation which America still rests upon, and by which everything is judged even today.


If Americas’ values and morals seem to be declining, it may only be because of repression.  The human spirit was created in freedom, and in freedom it must express.

America might appear to be free, but internally the God of the Bible still rules.  When the human spirit cannot live by rigid rules, it naturally rebels, whether from anger, guilt or repression.

True freedom and peace can only come when the spirit is allowed to be that which it is.  All of creation was indeed inspired by a loving, creative and non-judgmental God.

The God of the universe is so much bigger than the God of any book in existence. When we encase God in book form, we limit the capacity of all that Spirit is, because, after all, we are only human.

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