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  • From out of the light Part 6

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    The Pleaidians discus From Out of the Light, a New World is Forming

    A seven part series from the Pleiadians originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

    Evolve by visualizing

    You probably will not be able to walk through walls any time soon, but now that you have this information you will begin to think about it. As you do, you will begin to evolve. As of now, you can do your part by beginning to practice and visualize all that we tell you.

    Visualization is very important at your level as it helps you to evolve. By visualizing, you can begin to actually change things. You have no doubt discovered this in some areas of your lives. Or maybe you have not always realized by your very thoughts that you have indeed changed things. So it is that we must tell you, perhaps even warn you, that thoughts are powerful. Not only are thoughts powerful, but words are just as powerful.

    Your thoughts make things happen

    Know that as you think, so shall it be. Thoughts and even more so, repeated thoughts and even words have the power to change things. Take a look at how and what you think. What does your mouth proclaim over and over? Are you not making it so? How many times do you hear the phrase, I’m getting old, over and over? Do people not cause themselves to become old by their repeated thoughts and words?

    Starting today, become aware of your thought patterns. Examine the things you say, and take note of how many times you repeat the same things. Think about what is happening in your life. Are you directing your life down a negative path by uttering the same negative words all the time?

    What you say shapes the life of your children, family and friends

    How about your children, your family and friends? What do you tell them repeatedly? Above all, we hope that everything you say is both beneficial and positive to their growth as well as to their spiritual evolvement. Think on this, if you tell your children repeatedly that they cannot do something, will they go through life believing that indeed they cannot?

    You have the power and ability to form other’s thoughts and beliefs by all that you utter. Be careful that you bring not only encouragement and inspiration to your children, but to all those around you. You are Light, and it is your duty to pass out correct information without condemnation.

    Speak of that which isn’t usually spoken

    Begin to speak of those things, which are not ordinarily spoken of, such as flying for instance. Begin slowly and cautiously if you are not sure. We understand that you will most likely get some strange looks, but you will endure and you will go on with that which you know and were put here for.

    Although you may experience a bit of uncomfortableness, you knew this would happen from the beginning. Believe us when we tell you it was really a minor detail that you did not worry about at all. You may worry now because what you see appears as solid and real. You have learned to embrace it so much so that your grip has become firm as you hold on tightly.

    The mysteries of the universe been shrouded in a mist

    You have not been able to see clearly because your usual consciousness has been shrouded in a thick mist. The mist has swirled about you, tricking and deceiving you throughout your lifetime. Only in rare moments have you been able to catch a glimpse of that which you know to be.

    Perhaps in the quieter moments of your deepest self, you have sensed the mysteries of the universe. Or maybe it is that you have instantly clamped yourself shut whenever you begin to think too much on spiritual matters, as if you are committing a grave sin by delving further into the mysteries.

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  • As You Think, So Shall It Be Part 4

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    The Pleiadians proclaim As You Think, So Shall It Be

    A six part series from the Pleiadians originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

    Understanding Your True Power

    Religion offers hope, perhaps with a prize or reward in the end. Again, what we offer you is total in-Lightenment. Not only will you be in Light, but you will also gain new in-sight as we give you important information. You will see once again, as the blinders are removed and you will participate with a new vigor in all that you do. The new year for you will not be one of destruction, but will be filled with hope. Of course, there will always be the dark moments, but overall, as your spiritual comprehension expands, you will evolve and become a higher tuned being. Understand that the new millennium can be a new beginning for you if you want it to be. Know, also, that if you are not careful, you can get caught up in the mass consciousness and end up on the road of misery and destruction.

    Your thoughts are like your heartbeat or your breath. They do have a life of their own. They take you over and often without your conscious consent. Things happen and you have no idea why. We suggest to you that you start listening to your own words. What are you telling yourself over and over? What do you say to others? Listen to your thoughts and know that you are forming your own reality. Understand, please, that each of you are a world unto yourselves.

    Your world around you is your creation. It is a reflection of your thoughts. If you are not a trusting person, then you will see others as not being trustworthy. If you hold yourself apart from others, then you will wonder why people are not warm and friendly towards you. If you believe there is an Armageddon in your future, then there will most certainly be. Your world will be as you believe it to be, although you will not always consciously understand how this is so.

    The Pleiadians say you have the power to adjust your aura

    You have the power to adjust your aura. Once again, by believing it to be so, you will be able to do it. Your aura is an extension of you. Think of it as part of your energy that floats around you, such as an electromagnetic field. It radiates to that which is inside of you. Know that by your thoughts you have the capacity to change it. As you think you are, you will be, thus your aura will change not only according to your emotions and feelings, but with your wishes and suggestions as well.

    An aura that shimmers as Gold is protective. It is impenetrable. As Light shines Gold, as in the Sun, so shall you shine Gold. Think it and it will be done. While we tell you that a Gold aura will protect you from all spiritual and physical assaults, we also want you to understand that part of the power of a Gold aura lies in the belief that you are indeed strong and invincible. Your belief is what makes it so.

    You contain the power

    To realize your own power is certainly a basic concept to understand, although many believe that true power dwells not within, but outside of themselves. In believing this, they are seriously limiting all that they can be. If you wait for a power beyond to put things into action, then there may be no action, or there may be wrong action. Understand that you are the one that contains the power. It is you that controls the circumstances and events of your life, although it can often seem as if it is life that controls you. Have you not floundered and flailed at times, looking outside of yourself to a God for help? Know that you are God! God dwells within you, and is at the highest level of your spirit.

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