Love Is All We Want

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 Why is it that we sometimes repel Love?  Is it intentional or is it subconscious?  Whatever the reasons, they can be quite complex.  Some of us have been traumatized whether in this lifetime or another.  We simply may be afraid.  Even so, it is not always advantageous to stay with the same person throughout an entire lifetime.  There will be many that will not like to hear this, but nevertheless it is true.

Love is more important than anything.  If you have not known Love, you have not known true happiness, for happiness is love.  Some believe that happiness is in money or possessions, but the real source of happiness is in knowing love.

Love begins in the spiritual realm.  It is a powerful and true and pure emotion.   We all long to know and remember that which we once knew, but our vision has been clouded, yet we struggle to regain what we recognize as the very center of our being.


Love will often be difficult to find, even though we began as spiritual beings created in divine Love.  We search, we wander, and we even flounder, but our attempts are often in vain as we settle for Love that is only a shadow or hint of the real thing.

Please, do not feel dismayed or click away before I can explain fully. You see, there are varying degrees of Love that can be experienced all within the same lifetime. There are people that connect with each other, and experience the same degree of Love throughout a lifetime with only each other. Others only remain together for fear of moving on or going forward. Changes are very difficult for people, and the anticipated stress that often accompanies these changes may be avoided at all costs.

When two people stay together an entire lifetime, it may be that varying degrees of love are all experienced within this one relationship. It is also possible that Love can exist at the same degree within the same relationship over a lifetime, although not always at the mutual satisfaction of both parties. More than likely in this kind of relationship, there is acceptance and even tolerance, for whatever reasons.


 Please, know that Love is extremely important. Love, in fact, is the prime motivating force for all experience. This is the one absolute, true form of expression. It permeates throughout every level, originating at the top, so to speak.

All creations strive for Love.  All creations know Love, for they were created in Love. The Spirit is Love, and really, nothing more.  Not everyone will know or understand this, for it often seems elusive. It is not really elusive, but Love at the Earth realm is simply not expressed as it is in the higher realms. Some will give up trying to find it and live their lives alone. Others will die for it, and some will strive over and over to find that which they have known in another time, another place.

Love, in whatever form and however expressed, is the vital element to our happiness on Earth. The secret is, that loving anything other than another, will not fulfill what it is we need.

What we need is each other.  Money, power, position, things, will not replace what we get from loving and being loved by another.

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