Secret Spaces Part 5

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The Pleiadians Ask You to Awaken to Your Secret Spaces

A six part series of Pleiadian insights originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

Can You Have Peace and Relaxation?

Close your eyes and relax.  Concentrate on your breathing, but not so much that you are heaving.  With each gentle breath, imagine that you are meandering downhill along a pleasant and sweet smelling forest path.  You have a trusty walking stick that will help you.  In this dream state, it is truly a beautiful magic wand that will guide you.  

Now imagine that your special, walking, and the wand stick will help guide you through the sweet smelling forest, dappled with flowers, as you meander along a gentle path through the trees.  See yourself walking through an amazingly beautiful array of soft, green trees, glimmering light sifting through the branches.  You grow calmer and calmer, feeling so relaxed and peaceful while you hear the sounds of frenetic civilization slowly fading away.  You only hear the soft, rustling sounds of the forest now, as you become more relaxed with each step you take, going deeper and deeper into a beautiful place and within your own lovely consciousness.

You walk gently through the peaceful, quiet and fragrant forest, still going deeper, until finally you come to a beautiful clearing full of golden sun light and gentle, sparkling waterfalls.  It is at this point, that you sigh and breathe out all negativity.  Now breathe in the pure and golden light, and let it fill your every pore and cell as you relax and let go.  You will leave everything behind, as now you only exist within yourself, and with the full, yet gentle and loving force of your own being.

This is a beautiful and beneficial vision and will help you to accomplish the goal of relaxation.  Please, feel free to imagine and create your own special visualization that will help you to relax and go further into yourself.  As you achieve a certain state of relaxation, we the Pleaidians ask that you try placing your hands on your stomach, or on your chest.  Think of your hands as magic tools that will bring Light into your body.  Do not be hesitant in moving them around, as you have certain energetic points located in all areas. 

If it feels better for you to place your hands on your head or your face, then by all means, please do so.  The technique of bringing Universal Light through the top of your head to the rest of your body is a good one.  You can also simply activate your mind to visualize the Light streaming in through the top of your head.  See it coursing through your body, and your every pore and cell, as you are completely filled up with Light.

These are many techniques that you can use to bring yourself fully into a state of relaxation.  Remember, it is also beneficial to increase your Light Frequency during this time period.  You can use tools of relaxation anytime to achieve rest for your soul and to trigger more energy and feelings of peace.  

With practice, it is easy to become your own therapist by learning how to work with your special and individual system.  By careful and deliberate interactions with your innermost mind, you will begin to pull out information from your secret spaces.  In careful encounters with your hidden regions, you can pull out information; confront it and  make beneficial changes.   

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