Secret Spaces Part 6

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The Pleiadians Ask You to Awaken to Your Secret Spaces

A six part series of Pleiadian insights originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

How Can You Be Yourself?

It is important to integrate your parts and become all that you are.  So many of you only express fragments or a portion of who you are.  So much of yourself is kept locked up within the confines of your secret spaces.  This is dangerous in that it fosters depression and oppression, and keeps you not only from connecting completely with yourself, but with others as well.  In fact, you most likely will only express a fraction of who you are within any given relationship or interaction. 

In the process of expressing and connecting within the human realm, it is common to scatter only bits and pieces of yourself around.  In essence, each person in your life may know you as a different person, according to how much you reveal or do not reveal.  Each individual that you come in contact with is getting only a small part of you and not the whole.

Can you imagine what it would feel like to completely be yourself with everyone that you knew?  You might find this a disturbing thought, or at least a curious one.  Perhaps a new way of opening up and relating has never occurred to you, as you tuck, hide and reveal things as if you were a file drawer, shoving in and pulling out assorted information.

As you work to master the human condition, you will become aware of all your many aspects, and you will clearly begin to see what has been going on all along.  The revelation of your hidden parts and how to integrate them will ultimately begin to emerge, and you will gain the wisdom of your whole soul.  As you gain soul wisdom, your secret spaces will turn inside outward and begin to reveal the contents.  With growing awareness, you will automatically begin to realign yourself as you eventually realize that your many small, hidden parts are, in actuality, the sum of all that you are.

You will start to find that it is really not so frightening to pull out the contents of your dark and deep hidden areas.  These parts of you are who you are.  Confront and deal with them if you must, but most of all know that you contain the power to change that which you are not happy with.  Unlimited change is possible because you have the power and Light within you.  You are Spirit made manifest within a physical vessel.  Choose to be bold and to live in the full expression of who you are.   By doing so, you will be experiencing the wholeness and trueness of your being.  Please, begin now to fully integrate all that you are.

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