Secret Spaces Part 4

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The Pleiadians Ask You to Awaken to Your Secret Spaces

A six part series of Pleiadian insights originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

How Do You Find All of Your Parts?

What lurks within the inner realms of a human heart?  And how do you even get inside when it is locked up so tightly?  The human condition is one where there are many layers inside to file things away in.  Sometimes it is difficult to even locate the spaces where the secrets hover, although it is certainly not impossible.  It is simply a matter of uncovering what you once thought was deeply hidden away. 

How can you uncover what is so easily buried within the layers?  An unattainable feat you may think, but never fear, all is not hopeless.  It only takes a bit of reflection, determination and concentration.  Uncovering lost material within the human psyche requires either the help of another, or if you are determined enough, you will be able to accomplish the task yourself.

It is simply a matter of going deep within your secret spaces for the retrieval of information.  In order to do this, you must be still and you must be quiet.  Choose a time when you can sit or lie undisturbed, while you focus on devising a method that will bring you to a deep state of relaxation.  Not all methods work for all people, and so we suggest that you only try what works best for you.

We the Pleiadians can offer ideas, but know that they are only to help you.  Do not be so inflexible that you become rigid in your approach.  It is fine to utilize and combine what methods work for you, and to even work on your own method.  Any method that works to bring you into a deep state of relaxation is good, as long as it is beneficial and helps you. 

As you work to achieve a state of relaxation, we suggest that you also consider bringing Universal Light into your system at the same time.  Understand that you are composed not only in a molecular way, but Light is also a part of your innate frequency.  Although you may not see the Light with your physical eyes, know that it is there, and do not be hesitant about increasing your frequency by bringing more Light into yourself.

It is important to find a nice quite place to relax, at the best possible time, and at a time when you are most likely to be able to relax.  It is not an easy matter to relax in the human realm, as it is quite often a frenetic existence.  You must focus, be disciplined, and do your best though, if you are serious about digging into your secret spaces.

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