Secret Spaces Part 3

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The Pleiadians Ask You to Awaken to Your Secret Spaces

A six part series of Pleiadian insights originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

What Is Your Biggest Secret?

We the Pleiadians will explain further by helping you to examine one of your secret spaces, which could be labeled Spiritual Beliefs.  This is an area where many of you tuck spiritual secrets away, only to be acknowledged at your own convenience and discretion.  Spiritual Beliefs can be a very strong area; one that you cannot live without, yet it is often contained or hidden deep inside.

Sometimes your spirit nature is so deeply hidden that that there is little recognition of that part of yourself, nor is there much acknowledgement that you are also more than flesh, blood and bones.  Many walk around seemingly without full knowledge or awareness that they are hiding out inside of a body.  It is a fact, sadly enough, that humans hide their spirit, as if no one else has one, or that it would be a shameful state to show or indicate that it even exists.

The human condition can be a strange one, because you have the capacity to block and hide that which you find too uncomfortable to display or exhibit.  It was with the entrance into the Earth realm that some have determined that they should leave their Spirit behind and get on with the business of Earth living.  By now, this condition can be purely without conscious thought or realization.  Nevertheless, it affects the overall well being of yourself when you feel that you cannot express the true essence of who and all that you are.

The fact of the matter is, everyone has a spiritual aspect.  It seems that on planet Earth, this is one of the biggest, most well guarded secrets of all!  Many people have a rather expansive place inside where they neatly organize most things pertaining to spiritual matters.  Interestingly enough, these secret spaces start to develop and grow from the moment you arrive into the Earth experience.  You most likely learned early on that it was not beneficial for you to voice or express much about your spiritual state, condition or beliefs.   

Think about it.  Small children talk about many strange topics, even going on about other lives, or talking about a variety of issues that may not always be within the scope of acceptable thought.  It is generally considered that children are only expressing their overly vivid imaginations, making up tales, stories or even lies.  They are thought of as cute; they may be laughed at, ridiculed or even reprimanded.  They often are not taken very seriously and may even be punished.  Through this early social conditioning, children learn eventually what is acceptable and what is not.  Sad, but children start to build their own little secret spaces before they ever grow into mature adults.

Issues concerning the spiritual realm are one of the very first secret spaces to be constructed.  Sex is probably the next.  Or perhaps sex and the spirit become equal in time, as the secret sex space begins to fill out and expand with growing maturity.  In fact, it is true that many sexual problems are a result of extreme oppression.  Nevertheless, tucking your precious Spirit into a hidden space deeply within you is truly one of the biggest secrets of all.  It is into this secret area that most spiritual material gets filed and hidden away, thus stunting your spiritual evolution and development. 

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