As You Think, So Shall It Be Part 3

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The Pleiadians proclaim As You Think, So Shall It Be

A six part series of Pleiadian insights originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

Finding Your Answers

If you have managed to stay truly independent in your thought system without allowing yourself to submerge with mass consciousness, then you may indeed survive the future intact. This is possible, and is based solely on you and how much you are willing to trust and follow your own heart. We will lend our wisdom, but it is up to you to take what you will from various resources and decide for yourself. We the Pleiadians of the Pleiades Star Cluster do not bring another religion. What we hope to offer is total in-Lightenment. Not only will you be in Light, but you will gain new insight as we give you important information. The blinders will be removed and you will participate with a new vigor in all that you do.

Of course, there will always be those frustrating and dark moments, but overall, as your spiritual comprehension expands and you begin to realize all that you are, your life will continue to grow in richness. You will develop an awareness of so much more as you pull the Light into yourself and continue to question that which surrounds you. As you question and reach for the answers, they will be given to you. Sometimes the answers will come to you in the quietness of your soul, or in the heat of the moment, or deep within your heart.

The Pleiadians Say Nothing Goes Unheard

Sometimes you will search and ponder and even cry out to a God that seems so far away. Know that nothing goes unheard, but your voice reverberates unto the edges of time, gathering force and coming back to you always. You will have your answers. Open a book, listen as someone speaks, turn on the television, contemplate the solitude or the setting sun, and there when you least expect it, will be your answer.

We tell you there is nothing we say that has not been said before. We only come as a reminder. We tell you that which you have heard over and over again in many different ways and in many different places. Perhaps in the same lifetime you have even heard the same message. Spiritual matters can be complex. In order to receive the instruction into your body and mind it is often necessary to repeat over and over again that which you already know in your spirit.

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