As You Think, So Shall It Be Part 1

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The Pleiadians proclaim As You Think, So Shall It Be

A six part series of Pleiadian insights originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

Making All Things Possible

As in a dream, anything at all is possible. So shall you think, so shall it be. It is a simple matter to think things into existence. Speaking of matter, the act of thinking can literally create matter! Thinking is only an extension of what you perceive to be reality, and reality is simply created by thoughts. Understand that it is thought that gives birth to creations. Creations are nothing more than physical evidence manifested in the physical realm. There are other realms that appear as dreams. Know that they truly exist and are just as real as the reality you are manifesting now.

If it is thought that creates realities, then you must understand that anything at all is possible, even flying! We the Pleiadians from the Pleiades Star Cluster tell you that flying is indeed possible, but how many of you will be able to do it? As any and all things are possible, each moment of manifestation will have its moment in time. Your current dimensional time does not always recognize flying as possible, therefore it will be extremely difficult to conjure up the necessary thought enabling you to do it.

Pleiadians say time is converging

The twenty-first century will usher in a new age. Already, things have begun to accelerate. Many of you flail through your days with never enough time to get everything done. If you are old enough, you will perhaps remember when time seemed to go slower. You are absolutely correct in your memories of time. Those were certainly the good old days, and time was slower!

Time is converging now. It is speeding up. We use your word time, but know there is no such thing. It is frequency that is vibrating at a faster rate, causing the feeling that there is much to do and never enough time. Because of this rapid frequency factor, things will start to happen and all that you thought was impossible will become known and experienced. In the years after the new millennium, there will be a remarkable growth and acceleration of many on Earth. There will be those that will be activated, thus sparking the rest of humanity with wisdom and knowledge that will help to evolve the species on Earth to new levels.

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The Pleiadians want you to think it into existence

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