As You Think, So Shall It Be Part 6

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The Pleiadians proclaim As You Think, So Shall It Be

A six part series of Pleiadian insights originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

Healing Yourself

Much of what you have gone through as a young one has led to your current suffering. We would like to tell you there is a way to console and help that which you have been and still are. Not only can you reach back into the past, but you can reach forward into the future. Think about this, as we tell you it is here that we ourselves exist in your future. Are we the Pleiadians from the Pleiades Star Cluster not coming back through time to help you now?

Go back in time and help yourself. Go back to an early point, perhaps a place where you believe there was some kind of hurt or injustice done to you. Please, know that you will not remember all those places where you encountered difficulty and suffering. In fact, it is most likely that you will not remember most of what has happened to you. For now, simply pick a point where you do remember. How has this incident affected you in your current life? Has your behavior been altered by it?

If you have anger inside of you, there is a reason why. Much that shapes and forms you, and even deeply affects you, is because of what you have encountered in the Earthly realm. Go back to yourself at a younger time. Look at what you see. Sometimes you may not remember the incident, the actions, or the words spoken, but you will remember the feelings. You still have those feelings encased in your heart. You are still feeling the pain. You hold onto it and have allowed it to affect, build and shape you. If you lash out at people in anger, you are simply reacting to the hurt that people instilled in you a long time ago.

Has your heart been cast in stone, never to hurt again because you yourself have been so severely hurt? There is no psychiatrist, counselor or religious leader on Earth that can help you, like you can help yourself. It is really so simple that we are quite amazed that most of humanity does not understand how to help themselves. This has happened because of believing in a God that lives outside of you. It is also because of beliefs in religious books that limit your understanding to know your own true power. Simply stated, it is a lack of understanding of who you are and your true possibilities.

The Pleiadians ask you to reach back in time

Reach back in time, as we are now reaching back in time to you. Reach back in time to your suffering self. See that person clearly. Know that it is you that still suffers as that person continues to exist and experience the pain. You can help now. Go to that hurting child, or that hurting adult. Go to wherever you must go, but go. Speak to yourself at that point in time. You do not have to speak out loud. Thoughts will transmit to that time. Offer love, understanding, and words of wisdom and guidance to that which you are in the past. You may even console yourself by cupping your face with your hand and patting. Gently rub your face and your head, and even hug yourself. You might try this technique of caring for yourself at those times when you feel especially alone and need consolation. Please, do not be surprised at the feelings you may experience. This is good and part of the healing.

As you reach back into time to help a younger or past self deal with the pain and injustices, you indeed begin to heal yourself here and in the future. At this point, we tell you that you have learned a lot in your Earthly journey. As we have come to help you, you can also help by reaching back. As for your present life, it is up to you. You can take yourself down the road of destruction, or you can choose a path that will lead you into a brighter future. The choice is yours.

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