Intro to Pleiadian Jubilation to a New Earth Nation

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A Pleiadian musical frequency about hope and love

Pleiadian Arrival to Earth song channeled from the Pleiadians

There is a nice moderately slow 2 minute entrance to this song using one of the earliest electronic instruments invented on planet Earth, the Theremin. We love this instrument as it is played by using human frequency, or in our case, Pleiadian frequency. Listen carefully as we come closer through the sound of this particular frequency. We hope that you can sense that we are near as you listen with intent and trust.

We are very excited about the coming of the new Earth Nation

The beginning sound of this song is like a slow, thoughtful walk as we approach carefully and lovingly. Walk with us through it and know that we feel jubilant in being able to bring messages of hope and love. As the song progresses, we are so jubilant that we jump for joy and the music speeds up because we’re feeling very excited about the coming of the new Earth Nation. Frequencies are changing and this will take place when all beings become ascended and recognize each other as their fellow beings.

A Pleiadian introduction to our sense of joy about new realization

Yes, this will be the beginning of jubilation and joy when every living creature on Earth realizes their connection to each other and even to those outside of the Earth plain of existence. Sway and smile with us in the introduction of this song, as it is rather like a song unto itself, and this is the intention so that we can slowly introduce our sense of joy that we are feeling as we see what is happening among you. And then, let us fully emerge into the feeling of joy and dance as the music brightens up and takes you on a happy journey where all things are possible and everything is new.

Intro to Pleiadian Jubilation to a New Earth Nation 3 minute Sample

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