Pleiadian Pulse to Earth Dimension

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Pleiadian love now happily coming through to you in musical vibrations

Pleiadian Arrival to Earth song channeled from the PleiadiansCan you feel our pulse? It is transmitting to you from afar and near as well. In the coded musical pulse of this song, we transmit our intentions to Earth. Listen carefully and listen to each beat, each pulse. Open your soul ears and breathe it in through your nose and your mouth. Come with us and sway with the music, receive it into your heart and feel the vibration of what we are thinking and feeling. As we think and feel, so shall you think and feel.

Pleiadian news from a higher source

The message is one of love and we happily send it in many ways. Here, we are sending our message as music, as music is universal and it’s a certain vibration that can be felt by every creature of creation. Please close your eyes and listen. Receive the images into your brain and sway with it. This will help to convey the news from a higher source level and you will know there must be cohesiveness and love if peace is ever to prevail on planet Earth. Your world is ready, and we are ready now to come to you in whatever way is necessary.

Love is the key

We are now happily coming through to you in musical vibrations. Music is so easily decoded by all humans, by every universal being. We come in love and in love you shall exist. Love is the key and to receive this message, it must be realized in order for your planet to survive, evolve and transcend into the next phase, as the next level is indeed pure love. That is the message we want to convey in the pulse of this song. Please listen carefully.

Pleiadian Pulse to Earth Dimension 2 minute Sample

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