Pleiadian Proclamation

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A Pleiadian message that we are here to help you ascend

Pleiadian Arrival to Earth song channeled from the PleiadiansWe are coming through to you from another dimension. In this song, you will hear our words as we express and tell you who we are, as we proclaim to you, our fellow beings, that we are here. Yes, we are here with you, even though coming from another dimension. It’s a place that we all tune into and feel at one point or another. Sometimes we may be seen, and sometimes we may be felt, as you yourself are seen and felt. We are all layered throughout dimensions. And, it is there that we can express and contact and connect with each other in various ways.

“Aliens” is only a word that Earth people use

We’re feeling very lively in this music and very communicative as you will hear us clearly. We use various ways for contact and to communicate with our dear fellow Earth beings. Open your ears, your heart, your soul and take us in and know that even though we may be called “aliens,” that is only a word that Earth people use to describe off world beings. In our world, we may very well refer to you as “aliens” as well. We say this with a smile and much fun in our hearts as this song conveys a nice tone of communication and fun.

A Pleiadian proclamation that “we are coming to take you home”

As well, it can be quite serious as we proclaim that “we are coming to take you home.” That does not mean kidnapping you with a ride on a spaceship. It only means higher evolving into a new realm, a new world of awakening. We are going to help take you higher to where you belong. And then, we will all keep going higher and higher until we have achieved ultimate ascension. That is the goal, for every one of us to lift ourselves up into the highest dimensions possible, where only love, light and peace prevail.  

Pleiadian Proclamation 2 minute Sample

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