Pleiadian Party

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Get with the Pleiadian party vibe

Pleiadian Arrival to Earth song channeled from the PleiadiansYes, even Pleiadians like to party and this is how we choose to communicate with you now. Life, if understood and approached from that angle can be fun and exciting. It does not have to be sheer drudgery and depression and all work and no play. Get with the party vibe, feel it in your soul, breath it in as you listen to this music. We are with you, reaching out and bringing you closer to the fun of existence.

Feel the true existence of your soul

Close your eyes and begin to sway. Breathe in the music and feel it in your bones. In feeling a happy, fun vibe, you feel the true existence of your soul as it was originally created in love and with careful thought, as we were all created to come together with unity, not strife. Happiness and peace can prevail if all beings choose to get on the right frequency and move toward the light away from darkness. Sometimes that takes a special spirit of devotion, discipline and dedication.

The Pleiadian way to a deeper sense of happiness, fun and peace

This is happy music, intentionally made so that we, together, can meet in the happy realms of creativity. The sounds are familiar to you in this song, everyone likes an electric guitar and most of the world knows of Pink Floyd. We borrow a bit of these elements to help you feel comfortable and familiar, yet, coming to you from beyond, in essence, from your higher self. Dance and sway, move your arms and tune into your higher self, for it is there that you will find a better way and a deeper sense of happiness, fun and peace.

Pleiadian Party 2 minute Sample

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