Pleiadian Call to Earthlings

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A Pleiadian message of hope about the future

Pleiadian Arrival to Earth song channeled from the PleiadiansWe call to you in this music, to all beings who call Earth their home. Here, we are dancing and are happy, coming closer and closer to you in thought and in the realm of all possibilities. We gather our voices from beyond to join with yours and to celebrate in joy and togetherness.  We are all one, even though you may think of us as far removed from you, but we are closer than you might imagine. We rejoice at being able to sing with voices from on high to communicate with you.

Pleiadians communicate not always in words, but in sounds, music, chant and many voices

Please, listen carefully, tune in and join with us, for we come in this way to bring a message of hope. A message that everything that is physical also represents in the invisible world and beyond anything you might know. We communicate not always in words, but in sounds, music, a chant, and many voices, which can also be conveyed most enthusiastically and beautifully through music. This may not be the first that you have connected with us through music, but think of the joy, the exhilaration that listening to music has given you. As well, those that make music, may bring forth from beyond your world, those of another world, as you are hearing now.

Look beyond what you see in your physical world 

Listen to the chanting of our voices in this song, yes, it us joining with you, inviting you to look up and beyond that which you may see in your physical world. Sing with us, either in your heart or soul, with your voice, or your body, and know that better days and nights will fill your future. We come now in this way to bring you this message. We are happy. We hope that you are happy. Together, we will listen to the music and strive for that place of hope and happiness.

Pleiadian Call to Earthlings 2 minute Sample

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