Pleiadian Landing

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A Pleiadian landing in so many different ways

Pleiadian Arrival to Earth song channeled from the PleiadiansWe are landing on Earth, not only in hearts and minds that are open, but in other ways as well. Sometimes we do take on a physical manifestation and those that are trusting and sincerely open may receive us in that way. We have a mission and a task to bring light, truth and awareness to you. We are not Angels, we are not God, but they exist beyond us as well. We are only the next level of humanity, yet we exist far into your future on another planet.

Think of time as never ending, like a circle that keeps ever circling

Time can sometimes be difficult to grasp and to explain, but it is through time that we come and we land in your time. Why do we do this? It’s because in your minds and deep in your hearts, many of you know us and remember us as yourselves. Yes, we once existed where you currently reside now in time. Think of time as never ending, like a circle that keeps ever circling, never to end. Think of a bus riding round and round this circle and people are departing from the bus at all the many stops located on the circle. Apply this same concept to yourselves, to us, to all of humanity and creation. We all are riding the circle, forever being born and dying as if blipping in and out around the circle.

We have been you and you have been Pleiadian in the future

We have been you and you are us in the future. Some of you have memories. That is because you are traveling the circle and maybe you have traveled to where you are in this future existence, and now you remember it as if a distant memory or a dream. Or perhaps you feel your memory is a past life and you were here, and yes, that’s one way of looking at it. That’s why many of you have a longing in your heart and you feel you want to go home. We must tell you that home is where you currently reside and where your cell memory is located in the moment.

So many of you remember the next step in your evolutionary circle of life

But, in remembering, you will continue to awaken and evolve and before you know it, you will be traveling the circle to reach more into a heightened state of consciousness and awareness and further life. We are simply landing in your Earthly domain now to help bring that awareness to you. You might say that we are traveling back in time, or around the circle to where you are to bring you information. We do this, because so many of you are tuning in and are feeling and longing for the next step in your evolutionary circle of life.

Death is not real, it’s only an illusion

As you listen to this song, imagine the circle and the many landings around the circle. It is not only about our landing in your time realm, but many are landing in our time realm. Death is not real, it’s only an illusion. We are landing now to help you to know this and to jump past the illusion. When it is time to leave Earth realm and travel the circle and land somewhere else, it is as it is meant to be and all suffering, sorrow, strife and pain will be known as only temporary. The full meaning of life will be known as we land and as you land. Happy landing we say, but for now, listen to the music with all your heart and be happy!

Pleiadian Landing 2 minute Sample

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