Pleiadian Arrival to Earth

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A Pleiadian arrival en masse to help you transform into light

Pleiadian Arrival to Earth song channeled from the PleiadiansWe are arriving, not one, not two or three but we come en masse through space and time in ways that may be seen as well as through layers of human consciousness. If you remember us, you remember correctly, for we are you and you are us. We are your future, you are our past. This may sound like a puzzle, but it is a puzzle that will begin to unravel as more and more open up to what there is beyond.

You are more than you think you are

The time is now and the time is urgent. Every inhabitant upon planet Earth must wake up to the fact that there is more. You are not merely physical density floating in space, but you are like a streak of light that shoots through time and across space. That is what we come to tell you and with our arrival, one by one, like blinking stars that come on in the dark sky, each of you will begin to know the truth of yourselves of of existence. You are more than you think you are. You are simply a physical manifestation at this level of Earth time, but once all eyes are opened to the truth, you will see the overall and glorious creation as it was meant to be seen and experienced.

Urgent Pleiadian message that you are evolving to the next level

Our arrival is not all at once, but we arrive in various ways, as we have said. Sometimes it is in a dream or a thought or a remembrance.  Sometimes, and don’t be surprised, but it may be a physical arrival, and yes, by spaceships, we also can travel through time. Whatever our arrival brings, it will bring happiness, hope and a good message. We arrive with love, our heart to your heart, to tell you that you are evolving as a human species to the next level and Earth will majestically transform into a cosmic and heavenly light body, as perhaps you can only imagine an ethereal world form from light.

We arrive to tell you that we all will be transformed ultimately into light where only love, light and peace are known.  Thank you to those that are welcoming us now, you have opened the door and we have heard. Thank you, we hope to meet you soon.

Pleiadian Arrival to Earth 2 minute Sample

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