Pleiadian Jubilation to a New Earth Nation

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A Pleiadian congratulation about entering a realm

Pleiadian Arrival to Earth song channeled from the Pleiadians

Congratulations, you will soon be entering into a new realm as time speeds forth and evolution emerges more and more into a place of enlightenment. That is why we rejoice and are jubilant as more and more of you are tuning your frequencies higher and higher until all is love, and all is light, no more strife, no more barbaric ways of murder, torturing, killing and hurting.

Spiritual evolution is a process

Spiritual evolution is a process, but as you can plainly see, simply within your lifetime, does it not seem that time is moving forward and you are gaining more understanding and awareness? We come to you in many ways and now we are filled with jubilation to come to you through this music and to inform you that a new Earth Nation is rapidly in progress right now.

Tune out your news media and tune into this Pleiadian music

Even though you look around and hear with your ears and see with your eyes, think about it, you are mostly tuned into the negative vibrations of your news media. Tune out now and tune into this music and the frequencies will begin to decode a secret, and that is that planet Earth and all upon it are changing, but not for the worst as they try to tell you. Turn the music up loud, dance and receive it into the core of your being and you will know that we’re speaking truth to you as you begin to feel the happiness that fills your heart.

Creation will exist and operate as it was intended to be

Empty your mind of the negativity, think on the good and listen and absorb this music as we come through to bring good news. We are excited and filled with jubilation as we watch from beyond and within at the ever changing Earth scene. Planet Earth is making a transition into a new Earth, and yes, it will be a new Earth Nation where all inhabitants will know one another as fellow beings, and finally, creation will exist and operate as it was intended to be.

Pleiadian Jubilation to a New Earth Nation 2 1/2 minute Sample

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