Pleiadian Secrets of Human Survival Part 2

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The Pleiadians share the secrets of human survival

A six part series of Pleiadian insights originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

Navigating with Soul Eyes

We have often talked about the suffering of Earth’s people.  We do not come from so far away that we do not comprehend what it means to live in the Earth realm.  We the Pleiadians have known this realm; yet, we have now passed beyond it and are able to offer advice and wisdom.  Understand that so much of human suffering begins in the young years.  It is then when you become conditioned and learn to navigate with human eyes instead of Soul Eyes.

As a child, you already start to forget how to travel your path with the Light of your own spirit.  The sheer density of the world, its people and drama continually assaults you from the moment you arrive until the moment you depart.  Because your new Earth home vibrates to a lower frequency, it manifests in a more physical density, thus all the problems associated with such a realm with all its physical characteristics.

The Pleiadians say you are the Light of God

Please, as much as we tell you these things, all is not hopeless.  It is simply a matter of remembering who you are.  You are the Light of God, and you contain the very same divine nature of God.  All you need to do is wake up and remember how to operate and navigate with your Soul Eyes.

Visualize clicking on your inner Light so that you will travel on your path with clear and bright vision without too much aimless wandering.  Whenever the darkness starts to blot out your sight, and you feel lost, please, just turn on your light and know that it will guide you.

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The Pleiadians want you to know that you can survive and thrive while still on earth

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