Pleiadian Secrets of Human Survival

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The Pleiadians share the secrets of human survival

A six part series of Pleiadian insights originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

What the world needs now is love

We the Pleiadians have been greatly saddened by the affairs on planet Earth, and so it is that we hope to offer a bit of wisdom and ideas that will encourage and help.  Our main message to you is to be confident and to strive to know who you are.

In knowing who you are, you will become more sensitive and open to the human condition.  You will naturally feel the desire to help expand the thinking of others, as you, yourself, become expanded in your own way of thinking.

Throughout your lifetime, you have attracted information that causes you to unfold, layer by layer, which helps you to comprehend the spiritual realms more clearly.  This unfolding of yourself is a never ending process, and it will work to wake you up to a better understanding of the world around you.   As you gain and add more knowledge, your amazing and continual transformation will help to change your outlook to a higher, more spiritual place.

The Pleiadians say you control the power of all you are

While you have been taking in information and accelerating your spiritual evolution, you have also been growing stronger.  Know that nothing beyond you, or outside of you, controls you, but that you, yourself, contain and control the power of all that you are.   It is important that you understand this, because it is often easy to believe that the power lies outside of yourself.

You are your own spirit, yet at the same time you are one with all of creation.  It is for this reason that we must all strive to connect, one with another, to help each other, whether in this dimension or crossing over into other dimensions.

As we come to you now, bringing bits of wisdom, know that you can also take your own bits of wisdom to others.  Understand, that without a doubt, you can help to transform the inner realms and spirit of others.  This is so vitally important now, especially with the way the world is going.  We must all connect and feel each other, and help as we can to accelerate the spirit of creation.

During conversation with others, if you believe in your own truth and tap into your heart and soul for inspiration, you will always find that the Spirit within will help you.  No matter where you originally have found answers, your inner resources become your own as you access information, taking what you need and discarding what you do not need.

The Pleiadians call on you to awaken

As a result, you continually grow, evolve and awaken, which causes a quickening to your vibration that others will perceive and respond to.  In fact, you have most certainly begun to realize by now, all the possibilities, as you awaken to the divine nature of who you are, and of who others are.

By your conversation and contact, and making an effort to turn on your inner Light, others will begin to awaken, as if from a dark and deep slumber.  Can you imagine the enormity of so much information as the world eventually wakes up and translates from darkness into Light?  In being sensitive and caring about others, you will develop a loving spirit, and it is exactly this love that the world needs now.

In fact, love is so urgently needed, that as you help others gain higher wisdom, you will be demonstrating love at its finest.  It is the loving spirit of humanity that will help to accelerate spiritual evolution, and in turn, this will tremendously help the human condition that is often one of suffering.

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The Pleiadians want you to know that you can survive and thrive while still on earth

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