Pleiadian Secrets of Human Survival Part 3

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The Pleiadians share the secrets of human survival

A six part series of Pleiadian insights originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

Ridding Yourself of Fear

Sadly enough, most people do not realize the power, truth and scope of their own spirit.  This is only true because there has been a lack of information and understanding.  For quite some time upon planet Earth, the belief has been that God lives outside of yourself and perhaps controls you from that position.

This popular belief originates from religious books and not necessarily from the spirit within.  Understand that a lack of good and enlightening sources of information will most certainly hold you back.  Fear will also keep you from exploring all the possibilities.

The Pleiadians say you are more than you think you are 

If you allow fear to rule you, then you will experience the inability to find out more, or to ever discover your own true power and what you are capable of while manifesting in a human body.  Simply stated, you are more than you think you are, and you are certainly capable of much more than you know.

You limit yourself by being afraid to go further.  By being afraid to step beyond where they tell you that you should not go, you will only hold yourself back.  Take the plunge now to rid yourself of fear.  Simply let it go, and know that truly that is what you must do, starting now.

Take a deep breath and blow the fear out.  Force it out if you must, but blow.  Now take another deep breath and simply be filled with the energy of the universe.  Let go and let Spirit, or as some would say, let go and let God.  Move your human self aside, please, and feel the beautiful creation of your whole being.

Your human aspect so often becomes bewildered with the circumstances of what surrounds you in the physical realm, and that can make you afraid.  It is so important, especially now, to work hard.

The Pleiadians ask you to visualize your soul

You must get past the human part by focusing within and visualizing the soul that you truly are.  Visualize and know for sure that God is a part of you, and you are a part of God.  You are one and the same.  To know and visualize this is far more powerful than anything you could possibly see or feel in your physical, earthly realm.

We the Pleiadians tell you that you can get stronger by knowing who you really are.  You are not simply a body, and your life does not begin or end here, but transcends time.   When you begin to grasp the reality of your totality, you will then know that who you are never ends or never dies.

No matter what you see with your human eyes, know that by looking with your Soul Eyes, your journey will become easier and clearer.  You must trust the path ahead and not allow fear to cling to you.  Brush it aside, stomp on it if you must, then bravely follow your heart.  It is only then that you will find your truth.   Know this to be absolutely true and hang onto that knowledge!

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The Pleiadians want you to know that you can survive and thrive while still on earth

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