Pleiadian Secrets of Human Survival Part 4

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The Pleiadians share the secrets of human survival

A six part series of Pleiadian insights originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

Repelling Negativity and Getting Stronger

You cannot focus on negativity and expect to be positive.  We tell you for sure that negativity begets negativity.  It feeds on itself and has a way of growing into very ugly proportions.  It is much more beneficial to surround yourself with the more joyful things of the Earth realm, and to think good and positive thoughts.

Know that thoughts in themselves will create exactly what you think, and you will manifest it in the physical realm, so you must be careful.  It is also important as you create your positive universe, to seek out good people and good circumstances.  By making an effort to do this, you will start to attract the more positive things, and eventually manifest all good things.  Positivity reaps positivity!

Pleiadian wisdom says to remove yourself from negativity

Okay, so we have told you that the Earth realm is dark and dense, so how do you rid yourself of negativity when it seems to surround you and beat on you from all sides?  Simply get away from it.  Yes, that’s right, get away.  This is what you must strive to do, and although you will continue to confront it, there is a way you can absolutely refuse to take it inside of yourself.

Simply change your focus.  Yes, it’s really that simple.  By not focusing totally on negativity, you will begin to change your consciousness into a more positive one.  Believe it when we the Pleiadians tell you that consciousness can be changed!  Wherever you focus each aspect of yourself and your thoughts, know that those areas will correspond accordingly.  Focus in the negative arena and you can be sure that your life will be heavily interwoven with negativity!

It is always amazing how the human condition can attract drama of all sorts.  Please be careful and understand that if you immerse yourself too deeply in the negativity of the drama, you will drown and put out the Light.  Of course, you do not always realize that you are doing this, but once you become aware of it, it becomes easier to see how to remove yourself.

Please, just do it, and know that it will be the best thing for you.  Get away, if only for a moment, but make an effort to simply withdraw and go to a place within yourself if necessary.  If you have a special place in the world that is peaceful and makes you feel good, then withdraw and go there.  By withdrawing to your special place, you will be sure to renew and nourish your soul.

It is often vital that you make the conscious choice to stop all the activity of your mind and body for certain periods of time.  Reflect in the quiet of the moment, while opening your heart to the spirit of who you are and all that you are.  You do not exist only in the moment and solely in the body that you now occupy, but you exist throughout time.

The Pleiadians tell you that time is not linear

Understand please, that time is not linear, but it is never ending and takes place all at once.  When you begin to truly grasp the awesome nature of just how much you contain and how expansive you are, then you will begin to see how easily it is to capture your own power and be in charge of your own destiny.

You have come a long way and have learned so much in your journey, yet, you continue to learn and to even overcome the many obstacles thrown on the path before you.  Often, the negativity of the Earth realm makes you feel weary, as you plod along vigilantly fighting your never ending battles.  Yes, we know that you often experience great discouragement at what you see and that which you experience.

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