Secret Spaces Part 2

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The Pleiadians Ask You to Awaken to Your Secret Spaces

A six part series of Pleiadian insights originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

Why do you hide?

By now, you have most likely learned that if you reveal the contents of your inner mind and heart at the wrong time or inappropriately, you will suffer the consequences.  Most of you learned at a young age that you did not like to suffer, so over a lifetime, you have neatly arranged all of your inner and secret spaces in a very convenient manner.  If you think about it carefully, you may begin to see what has happened to you as a human being.  Stop for a moment and reflect on your condition.  Think about the personal areas within yourself and what you keep hidden there.

You might find that it is too overwhelming to contemplate all of your hidden and secret spaces at once.  Just relax for a moment and consider only one thing at a time.  Think now about one secret space.  What do you have tucked away in there?  Do the contents immediately reveal themselves or do you draw a blank?  It might be that you pull certain things out at certain times, as much of the hidden contents of your secret spaces are shuffled around for convenience.

You pull out certain aspects for the circumstances and situations at hand.  Then you issue forth the appropriate reactions and responses that are external for the ongoing drama.  You reveal what you choose to reveal, and then you hide other aspects of yourself in yet another secret space.

Why do you do this?  Perhaps this question makes you laugh, or wonder, or even feel at a loss for an answer.  That is fine.  No problem, as reaction is a good thing, in that it may jolt you out of a certain unaware state and make you think.  In fact, a good and well placed shock factor can certainly be a helpful technique if it brings more light and knowledge to the matters at hand.  More light and knowledge increases your wisdom, thus forcing you to become aware. 

Once again, we the Pleiadians emphasize that awareness is the opening key to your many deeply held secret spaces.  And so, we bluntly ask you why?  You may not know why now, but as you contemplate this most essential question, it will make you think, and in thinking, the answers will eventually come.

Please, do not be dismayed if your answers are slow in coming.  It can take many years and painful tears to uncover the basic core of who you are.  It may seem an impossibility to think that you could actually begin to integrate your secret spaces, thus incorporating them into a whole, and bringing the whole closer to the surface. 

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