Love Is the Elixir of Life

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Without even thinking about it, we often try to pile up all kinds of things before Love. We can become desperate as we seek to fill the void. Know there is nothing that can fill the void except for Love , for it is in love that we have been created. We need to express it and feel the emotion and be loved in return.

Searching for Love is always a good and noble endeavor. Even if we find ourselves in and out of many romances or relationships, we must keep searching. Every time we find Love, we learn more and possibly know deeper Love. There is nothing on Earth that feels better and more satisfying than the wonderful feeling of Love. It is life’s elixir. When the heart is broken and love is withdrawn, nothing feels worse. It is then that we feel bitterly poisoned.  Know that Love is at the center of our being, although we can indeed feel bad when it is withdrawn from us by another.

It is important to understand that love can never really be taken from us.  This might be a startling fact to realize, but it is true!  It’s true because love is contained within us.  No matter what we are feeling at the moment, in the overall scheme of things, our spirits will go on and on forever…and with us, will always be Love.


Look at our movies, listen to our songs, read our history, and know of the future.  What is the prevailing theme?  Is it not Love?  Over and over throughout existence, it is love.  We all have been loved, and we will Love, repeatedly, not only in this lifetime, but in others as well.

We were designed for Love, and so it is that we must extol ourselves not to grow bitter and weary, but to remain open for the possibility of feeling so wonderful an emotion.  The emotion of love, is the emotion in which we were created!


Love leads to the topic of sex, for it is in sex that we physically experience the emotion of Love.  The emotion of Love is based in spirituality.  It is difficult for some to realize that sex has anything to do at all with spirituality.  Look at society, for example, and all the warnings about sex.  This has happened because the spirituality of genuine love in the context of sex is often missing.

Sex is being practiced on a physical basis totally devoid of any spirituality.  At the same time, we must not allow ourselves to feel condemned if we find ourselves in this category.  Once again, be reminded that Spirit will express as it must.  If pure physicality is wanted then that is what will be expressed.

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