Why don’t Pleiadian spaceships land? Why don’t aliens reveal themselves?

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[While Pleiadians.net usually shares messages from Pleiadian Channeler Lia Shapiro, the following message  was channeled by another Lightworker who receives Pleiadian messages that use a touch of humor to make a serious point. Yes, sometimes Pleiadians can be funny. While the channeler wishes to remain anonymous, Lia felt this message was important enough to share with the world.]

Many talk about Pleiadian spaceships hovering near earth. The Pleiadians talk about walking amongst earthlings by assuming forms that blend in so they don’t stand out or cause people to feel uncomfortable or alarmed.

The burning question is why don’t those spaceships just land and help the earth out. Why don’t all those Planetary Beings from numerous star systems come out into the light of day?

In a word, the Pleiadians and other Planetary Beings consider the earth a hostile planet. And with good reason.

The earth is filled with way too much bloodshed, conflict and people who seem to like killing people and other animals. There are more weapons on earth than humans. Earth is a bloody, violent, ego driven, conflict torn world. The question has been asked over and over, “why can’t we all just get along?” Indeed, what is it about the human race that makes its history so bloody and disagreeable?

Just imagine what might happen if Pleiadian ships appeared right now

Little Kim from North Korea would launch his nuclear tipped rockets to try and shoot us down. Then he would say, “Look at what I did. I shot the aliens down. I am the greatest leader in the world.” And, in case anyone with any degree of intelligence is wondering, nuclear explosions are a terrible experience even for aliens. We may be evolved but we are still just as real as you are.

And what about the air defense systems of the U.S., Russia and China? “Please identify yourself or you will be shot down!” When we say we are the Pleiadians from the Pleiades star system, do you honestly think they’ll believe us? Really?! They will think it’s a trick and a hoax to catch them off guard. They will think one of the other countries is trying to attack them so they will also launch their missiles and fighter jets at us. Contrary to what you have seen in all those science fiction movies, this is not fun for us.

Before we even land, we will be warmly greeted by heat seeking, nuclear tipped missiles and rockets. It will be just another flag waving howdy partner greeting by earthlings. Yippee ki-yay as one of your action heroes likes to say.

And what happens if Pleiadians actually land on earth in one piece without reeking of radioactivity?

All those who believe in the literal interpretation of the Bible will call us the devil and proclaim that the rapture has started. A billion people will prostrate themselves on the ground waiting to be called up. And when, after they lie there for way too long, they realize they are not going anywhere, they will believe they weren’t saved and are now in hell. Funny that they didn’t realize they have been living in hell for quite some time.

No, we don’t want to be blamed for causing worldwide pandemonium by leading billions to think the rapture is happening. Nor the return of Mohammad. Nor the reincarnation of Buddha. The Mayans were right. And a million other things earthlings will think our arrival erroneously proves.

So, even if we come only with Love and Light to help make the world right, humans will have the amazing capacity to undo all the good we hoped to accomplish. Earth’s history doesn’t give us warm and fuzzy feelings about our reception.

And then the real battle begins. Each country will claim we are on their side which will make the other countries upset. All the countries will have this huge debate in the United Nations that will end up in resolutions being vetoed by the Security Council. So our arrival will stir up even more conflict and nationalist pride between countries. What happened to this beautiful planet all green and blue and glowing that we first visited long before recorded history?

Earth…The ONLY Hostile Planet

All the Planetary Beings in all the star systems throughout the universe consider earth to be a hostile planet….the ONLY hostile planet. Yes, you heard us right.

The truth is that we don’t have ray guns, laser guns and other super duper weapons that could annihilate the earth. Your movie makers all have the most bizarre and inaccurate idea about who we are and what we do. While it’s okay to enjoy these entertaining romps, please understand that they are works of fiction and have less than zero to do with the real universe.

There are billions of planets, star systems and who knows how many Beings throughout the universe. The universe is bigger than even science thinks it is. All of us get along. No one fights with each other. We are all evolved and focused on making a better universe together. That’s what happens when you are spiritually evolved. So we don’t have any reason to develop weapons or defense systems or anything else like that.

Why would we want to bother to develop such things for one puny little planet in one solar system? We shudder at the thought of firing a weapon that might kill even one human. This violates everything we know.

Anyone with a little bit of smarts would realize that it’s far easier just to avoid earth when the rest of the universe is so peaceful. And so we do. Planetary Beings do exist on earth in their disguises to collect valuable information about earth and what is going on. We just avoid anything that would cause earthlings to “lock and load” as they say. In the immortal words of Forrest Gump, “stupid is as stupid does.”

Even with all this, we still have hope for earth. We have hope that humans will evolve and earth will rise up to join all the other planets in the universe that peacefully co-exist. We, the Pleiadians, speak for all Planetary Beings when we say that we believe it is up to the inhabitants of earth to get their act together.

The Pleiadians Are Waiting for You!

We are not going to intervene to save you because that approach won’t work. At this stage, the rest of the universe does not trust humans. They will say one thing to make us happy then turn around and do the opposite. We can’t force humans to change. Many won’t trust us, will call us names and say we were sent by the devil. Other earthlings will turn against us. Trying to force the change will not work. It has never worked.

That’s why it’s all up to you. Yes, you. You have to raise your frequency and Be the Light that will attract others to the Light. You have to be the role model for spiritual evolution. You have to help spread Light and Love over the entire planet earth so humans can evolve to a higher level.

And so here we sit in our spaceships waiting…and waiting….and waiting. It gets a little old after playing the same games a few million times waiting for something to happen on earth. We’ve begun to wonder if maybe humans are a little slow on the uptake. We will continue to patiently wait until earth shows us it is ready to join the other planets of the universe.

When we see an intersecting grid of Light spread over the entire world like a glowing web, we will know that Light and Love have prevailed. That will be the signal for our ships to safely land. We are waiting….waiting for you!

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