The Higher Self of Sex 7

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The feeling transcends all physical and bodily sensations and takes you past the point of physical reality. It really is an out of this world experience! At this point, you may wonder how we know so much about the subject of sex. We are happy to tell you that we know because we have been you, just as you may very well be us at this juncture in time. And so we are able to come from your future and explain about the matters of sex, as we are also able to see from a certain vantage point if you please.

Sex is always a good topic to discuss, is it not? Although, we do take notice that there can be certain constraints and issues surrounding this matter. In fact, there are far too many issues and too many problems at the Earth level on the topic of sex. Sex is a cultural issue as well, as there is one Earth, but many worlds within one world, and many ideas and many ways on the issue of sex.

What is sex all about? Sex is about feeling good, or at least that is the preconceived notion. Yet, what is feeling good all about? So called religion would have you to believe that sex is taboo, or at least until you are married. But what is this state that you call married? We tell you that there have been forces in place that are designed to keep you from knowing that sex is beneficial and a part of who you are, because if you knew, you would be connecting to all that you are. Sex indeed, connects you to all that you are. Sex is the passionate force that makes your body come alive with pleasure and feeling, thus connecting you to the feeling forces of the universe.

Without sex, you would soon shrivel up and die from lack of feeling the true allness of your being. It is only through this special feeling that you feel the connectedness of special forces to a higher place, even though you may not consciously recognize it. That is why we must break through the barriers of time to bring you this information; to bring you knowledge of all that you are. We come with the information that is vital to the growth of your being.

 In telling you forthright about sex, we bring you all that you need to know to go further into the realms of spirithood. Yes, spirithood, for that is a good word to describe the state for which you must attain. It is in spirithood that you will find the true meaning of yourself. Even through your own sexuality, you will discover that which you thought was lost or hidden. If you have had concern for your sexuality, know now that all is not lost, only misunderstood.

Pleiadian Wisdom on 7 Steps to Access the Higher Self of Sex:

  1. Body is only a physical manifestation of all that you are

  2. Human orgasm is the bodily equivalent to a spiritual cosmic experience

  3. Think of sex as a gift of sorts

  4. Ultimate sex is about connecting to a spiritual force outside of yourself

  5. Sex is a very big issue because it is not very well understood

  6. Sex is a feeling that is vital to all parts of yourself

  7. We bring you all that you need to know to go further into the realms of spirithood