The Higher Self of Sex 2

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The physical and human orgasm is the bodily equivalent to a spiritual cosmic experience. It is the body’s way of exploding past the physical into all awareness of what divine stimulation can be about. In becoming stimulated physically, know that you are also being stimulated at a cosmic level. Although you may not be fully conscious of it, the ultimate sex is about connecting to a spiritual force outside of yourself. This force is a part of who you are. It is contained in your body and just waits to show you more.
Through sex, you can connect to something outside of yourself, even by yourself, or with another. As it is now, the acceptable method seems to be with another, thus a coupling of two is often the socially acceptable way, although it is certainly possible with more than two. We realize that on planet Earth, connections of more than two are not always the socially acceptable standard of behavior when it comes to sex…on the surface of things anyway. We know that in your human society, much is hidden and done in secret, as there are many cultural taboos still in place.

 It is true, that there is a longing for sex, for it is part of the human condition. You will feel it if you are young, middle aged or older. We have talked about the biological urgings to procreate, yet, you feel the sex urge even past the time for making babies. This is proof enough that there is indeed more to sex than you might suspect. It is through the points of passion in your body that build with intensity to the links that take you past the physical into the realm of ecstasy. The ecstasy of bodily pleasure can hook you directly to the cosmic force. It is in this cosmic force that you were created!

Pleiadian Wisdom on 7 Steps to Access the Higher Self of Sex:

  1. Body is only a physical manifestation of all that you are

  2. Human orgasm is the bodily equivalent to a spiritual cosmic experience

  3. Think of sex as a gift of sorts

  4. Ultimate sex is about connecting to a spiritual force outside of yourself

  5. Sex is a very big issue because it is not very well understood

  6. Sex is a feeling that is vital to all parts of yourself

  7. We bring you all that you need to know to go further into the realms of spirithood