Spiritual Training Part 3

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The Pleiadians discuss your spiritual training

A 7 part article by Pleiadian Channeler Lia originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

Learning How to Navigate the Invisible World

It is not by dealing with the world on a physical basis that you learn how to navigate the world. It takes much more in order to survive. It involves senses beyond the usual physical senses. You are so largely undeveloped that you do not realize at this point just how much you are lacking. This is why you stumble and fall and get knocked down so much by life. You are equipped, but your equipment sits on a shelf unused.

You need spiritual training. You need wisdom that is not of your world. This wisdom can only come from higher sources. Do not be afraid to tap into these higher sources for they will serve you well in your own survival on a physical level. Learn to see what is past seeing with the eyes. Learn to hear more than what your ears can hear. Learn to feel more than you can feel with your fingers. Learn to taste that which is tastier.

The Pleiadians ask you to focus on the ordinary

You can evolve past the usual ordinary senses by focusing on that which you ordinarily do not pay much attention to. Find a quiet spot and reflect on a bird in the sky as it catches the currents in the air, dipping and diving. Even the act of feeding bread to a flock of birds can be a way to a peaceful interlude. There can be joy and fascination in watching the interaction of the birds as they struggle and fight for every crumb. In watching them, you watch yourself.

We the Pleiadians are reminding you of the simple things in your world. We call them simple, yet, they are far more complex than you realize. Your eyes have been trained to see things in a certain way. You have grown numb to what is beneath the surface. You have closed off your senses to that which is important. It is seemingly in the simple things of your reality where most things can be learned. By reflecting on those things, you will pierce through a veil and began to see more and more.

Look at a flower, a blade of grass and wonder at the awe of it. Stand at the shoreline of the ocean and contemplate the scene with the senses of your soul. Think on the composition of the water and how it moves. Think on these things and realize that there is much more in back of what you see.

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