Spiritual Training Part 7

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The Pleiadians discuss your spiritual training

A 7 part article by Pleiadian Channeler Lia Shapiro originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

Striving to be Human

Spirit is feeling, but feeling can be big, and warm, and generous. It is our hope, that as you evolve, your emotion will be honed as unto a higher level. Higher level emotion is calmer. It is the feeling and passion without the parts that cause trouble. Strife and turmoil are always of a lower level. Know that when these kinds of situations or interactions occur, you are operating from the lower levels.

We the Pleiadians know and understand that you often yearn to be the best that you can. You may be at a transition point in your life. You know in your heart what it is that you must do and be, but still, you continue to find yourself with troubles. Please, do not despair. Understand that the longing and desire within you is what is important. It will be just the thing that helps to propel you up the spiritual ladder. It is in your turmoil where you battle the forces, and little by little, you will move towards a higher place.

The Pleiadians tell you that soul knowledge will come to you

It is in those places where you will not always consciously recognize that you are evolving. You will fall and agonize and despair, but you will learn and grow, and reach places that are important in your development. Soul knowledge will come to you, and you will take it in, such as you take in earthly knowledge by listening to an instructor in a class, or reading a textbook, or studying for an exam. You are reading these words, and it is a simple matter to absorb into your soul that which you read. You will evolve!

Soul knowledge will come to you in many forms, by reading, by listening, by studying, and through the hard lessons of life. You will be done here one day, and then you will move on. You will not simply end here, but you will continue your journey. Know that this is only one small point in time. You have simply gotten off here, but only for a few moments. You will not always have to struggle as a human. You will get back on your cosmic path and the journey will lead you to other places and eventually into the Light.

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