Spiritual Training Part 5

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The Pleiadians discuss your spiritual training

A 7 part article by Pleiadian Channeler Lia Shapiro originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

The Growing of Your Soul

You can evolve by taking in information that you need to develop your soul. Soul information is different in that it aids your spiritual development. We are not saying that all things that you experience are not beneficial to your development. Certainly all things aid you in your progression, even those things that seem to be of an earthly nature. The difference is that soul information is given to you, or comes to you at a certain level. You perceive it to be of a spiritual nature. You take it in, knowing consciously that it is different than your usual learning lessons of life.

If you are consciously and spiritually evolving, you will be fully aware of it, although you are always evolving at all levels. What we are saying here, is that there will be those that choose to ignore that from which they came. The Earth realm has completely captured them. Know that you are here, and that you are Light, and you are certainly participating at much more then an Earth realm level.

The Pleiadians are here to help you evolve

If you have come this far with us, you are certainly seeking to evolve spiritually on a conscious level. You are not flailing through life, learning your lessons haphazardly, but are diligently striving to remember all that you really are. In the process of evolving, you have begun to realize that you are simply more than a body. You are becoming aware of why things happen to you. You may not be fully cognizant of everything, but you are beginning to see there is an invisible world in back of the physical one that you see with your eyes.

This invisible world that we the Pleiadians speak of is the spiritual world in which you first sprouted. We use the names with which you are familiar with. Invisible, spiritual, these are simply human words to describe that which is not describable. Simply know and understand that you have not sprouted first in the physical world, but came forth from another realm. You are spirit first, and then you manifested in a realm that appears to be physical.

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