The Higher Self of Sex 3

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Think of sex as a gift of sorts. You were given this extreme body pleasure to experience as a physical manifestation of the spiritual side of yourself. Understand that your spiritual side longs to connect and reawaken. We are not saying that sex is the only way to make contact, but it is certainly one of the most powerful, natural and immediate ways to feel a force that goes beyond the ordinary physical senses. You are indeed a whole spirit, and although certain religions have made sex into something bad, know that it is a natural function of the human and spiritual condition.
It is through sex that you not only link to another, but you also link directly to your soul aspect. It is your soul aspect that links to the Cosmos, or from the realm in which you came. It is through the special sensory areas located throughout your body that connect and accelerate you to the higher realms of who you are. This is really a little unknown fact, but it is true nevertheless. Through sex you not only merge your physical forces but you combine frequencies, becoming one with another, as you both blend to become one frequency, thus becoming one with all that is divine.
Sex is vitally important in that without it, you will not experience all that you are. It is through your body that you are meant to know and understand what is beyond you. This may be difficult to fathom, as you know sex only as a physical sensation and as something that makes you feel extremely good. Know that it is much more than something that is only designed to excite your senses and give you pleasure. Although your physical senses are excited, they ultimately serve to lead you into a realm that goes beyond the physical sensation of pleasure.

Pleiadian Wisdom on 7 Steps to Access the Higher Self of Sex:

  1. Body is only a physical manifestation of all that you are

  2. Human orgasm is the bodily equivalent to a spiritual cosmic experience

  3. Think of sex as a gift of sorts

  4. Ultimate sex is about connecting to a spiritual force outside of yourself

  5. Sex is a very big issue because it is not very well understood

  6. Sex is a feeling that is vital to all parts of yourself

  7. We bring you all that you need to know to go further into the realms of spirithood