Knowing The Mind of God

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Excerpts from the Pleiadian channeled book Comes The Awakening: Realizing The Divine Nature of Who You Are



If your thoughts are the thoughts of God , does this make you a God? Yes, we all are a portion or fragment if you will, of the Spirit. If we are fragments, this means we are a part of God, does it not? The great religions on Earth tell you that you were created by God, but this is only a simplified version of who you really are.

We are here to tell you that all consciousness is God. This is not to say that you have the same or equal power with the prime Creator, but know that the Creator is part of you and you are a part of the Creator. You are one and the same, as all of creation is.


If you have the mind of God, then all things should be possible for you, should they not?  If our Creator did all that He did, then should we not be able to do the same? We say to you that, yes, all things should be possible, but all is not possible, at least not everything at your point in time.
We do want to stress to you that all could be possible in your current reality, but there are certain laws and patterns to everything. Just as physical creation evolves, so does the spiritual. As all time exists at the same time, many things extend beyond reality as you know it into other realities and on into the future. Many things that you currently believe are impossible are possible, and are taking place precisely at this moment in realities that run parallel to your own.


You experience other realities in your dreams.  If you dream of flying, then believe that you have actually flown.  Many of you have such memories of flying, but are unable to insert these memories into your current idea of reality.  Because you think flying is impossible, it is.

We want to point out most wholeheartedly that there are realities in which you fly.  Flying is not the impossible task that you believe it to be.

In fact, we tell you that nothing is really impossible, as all matter is simply the gathering of frequencies.  Frequencies are movable and penetrable.  Know that they are capable of great ranges of flexibility.


On a higher level yet, frequency, in simple terms is nothing more than the thought waves or patterns of the Original Creator, which in essence is pure Spirit.

Just imagine what you could do if you were a dream and had the flexibility to move about unencumbered without a physical body or physical reality.  You could certainly achieve anything you wanted.  If you wanted to fly, you would simply do it.  As you thought it, so would you do it. As Spirit thinks – Spirit does. As you think, you will do it, for you indeed spring forth from Spirit.

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