Pleiadian Message Part 4

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The Pleiadians Come In Love To Help You Remember

A five part series of Pleiadian insights originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

Remembering What You Know

If you feel that you are a separate entity apart from God, know that indeed your existence is different because God projects through time into all realities.  When you feel the aloneness, the separation, it is because God reaches into the far distance future and expresses there.  The lonely disconnected feeling is only that of wanting to reach back into the core of Himself and pulling everything back in.  Do not be confused when we use the term “Himself.”  Words are only human language.  There is really no language to express or describe things unseen.

With a smile, we the Pleiadians from the Pleiades Star Cluster tell you that we do our best.  At this point, we would also like to tell you we prefer to choose the word Spirit rather than God.  This is because Spirit best describes something new, whereas you will equate God with all that you have learned previously in your life.

The Pleiadians say spirit lives within you

Spirit encompasses all that is.  Spirit lives within you and does not reside outside of yourself.  Spirit expresses as male and female.  Know that you have been both.  Within you lies the secret to all things for you have been all things, and you know all things.  You know what it feels to be male and you know what it feels to be female.  You know what the trees are.  You know what the animals and birds feel, for you have been those things as well.  Now it is time to recall and gather into yourself what you know.  It is time to exist in that knowing.  If you are cruel to an animal, you will know what it feels like to be that animal.  There is order to all things and a lesson to be had in the spiritual scheme of things.

You contain the brilliance of a powerful library, yet you do not know or understand this yet.  You access only minute and limited amounts of information, yet you contain all that Spirit knows, because you are Spirit.  Why must it be that you do not remember all that you are?  We have come to help you remember, but know that in the grand plan, all things will take place in due time and when it is suppose to.  We do not bring another religion or pose as Gods.  Think of us as foreigners from another land, only here to help you.

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