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  • As You Think, So Shall It Be Part 5

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    The Pleiadians proclaim As You Think, So Shall It Be

    A six part series from the Pleiadians originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

    Remembering Who You Are

    If you have the power, then why do things seem to run amuck so much of the time? It is here that we bring up the subject of karma, as you may have thought of that yourself. As we have said before, creation is indeed complex. You understand only in the smallest way what this word karma means. Your karma word encompasses so much more than you can imagine. You apply this concept in most cases to a very narrow and limited view of things, as it is difficult to see the whole. You may think you see, but your perception does not always include all aspects of creation.

    You are much bigger and more powerful than you know. You are Spirit. Your spirit is not small, nor is it simply encased in one body in this time and reality. We have told you that your spirit goes on and on into endless eternity. Please, listen carefully here. You act and react to all things in all times and places. You must look beyond your experiences here and realize that what you do may affect yourself in other places. You exist here, you exist in the past, and you exist in the future. There is no such thing as past lives. Know that you experience yourself at all levels and in all places. What you do in your so called past affects what you do here. What you do here affects what you do there.

    The Pleiadians say you exist in the future

    You exist in the future as well, and even beyond the future where it is that you are God. We are going beyond simple and basic concepts at this point. What we tell you can often be difficult to bring into language. Precise and accurate words do not exist, even to describe much of what we have to tell you. It takes many words, linked together to form patterns, images and ideas. In the higher realms, information and knowledge is not gained through the reading of words. It is absorbed through the spirit, so to speak. We do our best to give you a clear and accurate picture. Still, our words are only words. Hopefully, they will serve the purpose of presenting information to you. It is our hope that they will jog your spirit memory. We can tell you many things, but it is you that will ultimately put the pieces together and begin to remember.

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  • Spiritual Training Part 4

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    The Pleiadians discuss your spiritual training

    A 7 part article by Pleiadian Channeler Lia Shapiro originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

    The Misunderstanding of God

    Your world is a painting in motion. It is simply molecules gathered at varying frequencies, yet, it is you that holds the illusion. Know that it is you that makes the waves crash against the rocks and the clouds gather in the sky. All is connected and created by Spirit. You are Spirit. What you see is what you have created at the highest level of yourself. God is at the top rung of the ladder, so to speak, and you are the lower rungs, as we certainly are, too.

    You might say that we come in the name of God. We come to declare that God lives inside you, as He does inside of us. You are God, and we are God. Throughout the ages of life on Earth, information has come in various forms. The world was given certain information when Jesus came. We tell you now, this man was not who you might think he was. He said, “my ways are higher than your ways. My world is higher than your world. Where I come from, you cannot go.” Does this help you to see that he was not an ordinary human?
    Jesus and the others that have come have not always been understood, especially by ancient civilizations on Earth. They have been perceived as Gods. Know that much of your history, when it speaks of Gods or God has grown out of misunderstandings and lack of comprehension.

    The stories and pictures are there, but you choose to ignore them. This was because the comprehension at the Earth level was at a simple state; a more primitive level. The stories have grown and evolved, encompassing the world as religions. It is now time to take a closer look. You, of the Light, are existing at a much higher level, and are now able to comprehend what was not understood before. You know now that we indeed are not Gods, and that we have not come to bring another religion. Our only purpose is to bring information that will help you to evolve.

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  • Pleiadian Message Part 3

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    The Pleiadians Come In Love To Help You Remember

    A five part series from the Pleiadians originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

    Learning to Expand Yourself

    Your knowledge and awareness have been expanded.  By now, you have read what we as well as others have told you.  Although you have learned, still you may not fully and totally comprehend it.  This is natural, because the information we impart to you is certainly of an elevated nature, and you must grasp it with a mind that is not completely opened up yet to a higher dimension.  This is why it is also important to go within yourself and to search for your own answers.

    In the meantime, do not hesitate to go back and read and reread as many times as you need to.  This is one way to absorb what you need in order to expand your awareness and the knowledge of your Light.  You may find that you must often read, over and over again, those things, which come to you from a higher dimension.  Do not be disturbed that you cannot remember it all, but know that your spirit is taking it in and is growing and expanding.  You are increasing the awareness of yourself as you spread out into eternity.  The knowledge that you gain will indeed increase the frequency of the whole.  This is what we must all strive for.

    Understand that Spirit, or God, if you prefer, does not stand above you on a cloud looking down.  No, Spirit does not function as this, nor does Spirit exist in a particular time, but seeps like the syrup into all times, or into all areas of perceived realities.  Spirit lives within you, and in the very essence of all life, therefore, know that you are not an individual entity who is separated and stands alone, but that you are one and the same with Spirit.

    Perhaps you have been taught that you are indeed a sinful creature who must ask the forgiveness of God before you can be whole again.  We tell you that you are already forgiven because there is nothing to forgive.  The God you believe in lives inside of you.  God is you, and you are God!

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  • Pleiadian Message Part 4

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    The Pleiadians Come In Love To Help You Remember

    A five part series from the Pleiadians originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

    Remembering What You Know

    If you feel that you are a separate entity apart from God, know that indeed your existence is different because God projects through time into all realities.  When you feel the aloneness, the separation, it is because God reaches into the far distance future and expresses there.  The lonely disconnected feeling is only that of wanting to reach back into the core of Himself and pulling everything back in.  Do not be confused when we use the term “Himself.”  Words are only human language.  There is really no language to express or describe things unseen.  With a smile, we tell you that we do our best.  At this point, we would also like to tell you we prefer to choose the word Spirit rather than God.  This is because Spirit best describes something new, whereas you will equate God with all that you have learned previously in your life.

    Spirit encompasses all that is.  Spirit lives within you and does not reside outside of yourself.  Spirit expresses as male and female.  Know that you have been both.  Within you lies the secret to all things for you have been all things, and you know all things.  You know what it feels to be male and you know what it feels to be female.  You know what the trees are.  You know what the animals and birds feel, for you have been those things as well.  Now it is time to recall and gather into yourself what you know.  It is time to exist in that knowing.  If you are cruel to an animal, you will know what it feels like to be that animal.  There is order to all things and a lesson to be had in the spiritual scheme of things.

    You contain the brilliance of a powerful library, yet you do not know or understand this yet.  You access only minute and limited amounts of information, yet you contain all that Spirit knows, because you are Spirit.  Why must it be that you do not remember all that you are?  We have come to help you remember, but know that in the grand plan, all things will take place in due time and when it is suppose to.  We do not bring another religion or pose as Gods.  Think of us as foreigners from another land, only here to help you.

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  • Pleiadian Message Part 5

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    The Pleiadians Come In Love To Help You Remember

    A five part series from the Pleiadians originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

    Knowing That You Are Spirit

    On human relations, we say to you that most of you will not or have not fully connected to the divine source, so how is it that you can possibly connect to one another at a human level?  Divine connection is vital in that this is really the only way you will connect successfully with another.  In connecting with Spirit, you connect with yourself, and so it is that you connect with others.  We are all linked together, only because we exist as one and the same, which streams forth from the Spirit.  Unless you are divinely connected, you will not be able to connect properly with another outside of the main source.  The Main Source is the original Creator, the Spirit with which you emanate from.

    We want to speak to you now of various beings.  This is an important subject, as you are sitting there reading words that have come to you from another dimension.  You, yourself are a being.  We are beings.  We must say there is quite an assortment of beings, not only upon Earth, but spread across every time zone throughout eternity.  We may call ourselves aliens, or you may call us aliens, but in actuality, you are just as much of an alien to us as we are to you.  Alien only means a foreigner in a strange land, and so if used in that way, we are indeed aliens.

    In the true sense of all that we are, it is only fair to tell you that aliens are nonexistent, in that you believe time exists in a linear fashion.  To explain this further, if time was linear, meaning that it traveled in a straight line, we would be born in a certain time zone, then die and return to that which we came.  As it is now, we are not born, only to die and never return to life again.  We are born and we die, again and again, and it is happening in rapid succession.  Understand that one day, you will be us in the future, and we have been you.  Reduced to simpler terms, or more complex, however you see it, there is no past and no future.  We exist at once, all in the now.

    It is with this, that we have come like foreigners in a strange land, knowing you, but yet unknown to you.  We come in love.  We come with a message.  We come, bringing hope, as we show you a way to evolve.  It is our desire to help those of you that are willing and ready to be helped.  It is our intention to help evolve the human species, for the time is now.  Your reality is rapidly accelerating….all that you know will be translated into Light sooner than you think.

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  • Think It Into Existence

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    Excerpts from the Pleiadian channeled book Comes The Awakening: Realizing The Divine Nature of Who You Are



    We tell you that as you think, so can you do. Nothing is impossible. As Spirit thinks things into being, so can you think things into being. Although we tell you these things, we know that it will take most of you a lifetime, and maybe never, to assimilate and learn to do what you think is impossible. Although we realize this, we still come to tell you that the way must be prepared, not only for yourself, but also for the future generations. As you gain Light and knowledge, so will your children began to learn, and your children’s children, and their children.


    It must begin now.  As you learn, you must try to achieve.  As you do so, your body will actually begin to evolve, and you will pass this to future generations not only in a spiritual way but through the physical as well.

    Your physical structure through your DNA is continually changing and evolving to accommodate that which happens first in the spiritual realm.  In other words, it begins in places that are unseen to you as of yet.

    Know this to be true, that how you develop spiritually will have a direct impact on your physical body.  Your body will grow and develop to accommodate the spiritual.  We do not always mean to say that your body will necessarily change its outward characteristics, but its internal structure is where the most profound changes will take place.


    Understand that you will not automatically sprout wings in order to fly, but that flying is simply a matter of thought.  In time, it will be possible to think yourself right through a wall and up a flight of steps in two seconds if that is what you want!

    Look at us.  We say this with a smile, but are we not a good example?  We speak to you, yet we are not in your physical world.  Have we not achieved the absolutely impossible by speaking within the hearts and minds of people?


    How do we speak to you?  It is easy for  we live far into your future and have evolved to this point, as you will begin to do so now.  We can simply think our way into other realities.  In other words, you exist in our dreams, and all we do is insert ourselves into you as we dream together.

    Remember, we are your future and you are our past.  In our dreams we exist as one.  If we exist as one, then we can function as one.  Although we function as one, we are really not one, but separate, because we are the future extension of you .

    We must tell you that as we are the extension of you in your future, we have become more highly evolved, and it is easier for us to accomplish that which we come to tell you.

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