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  • Longing For Love

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    Love is important.  In one lifetime it is likely that we will fall in love more than once.  Understand that the feelings and emotions experienced each time are indeed real.  It is simply that Love is expressed at varying levels according to human expression.

    Many of us have a sad place in our hearts as we search for love on this Earth.  It is true that we were meant to find love and companionship in each other.  It’s also true that we were meant to return eventually to that which we came from.

    We long for love; we long for connection.  We long to love another human being, and we long to love and be one with God.  If the longing were not there to return to that which we came, we would find ourselves stuck in one place.  Not only would our bodies deteriorate, but we would never be able to experience the glorious creation which we, ourselves, are a part of.


    Until our return to the spirit realm, we have been given consolation in expressing and feeling love for one another. It is important that we know love is at the center of who we are. We must never forget that, for if we do, love will often be difficult to find or even keep. We seek love simply because we are love brought forth in the physical realm.

    The love of two people is indeed a splendid thing. In true love, all that we are is allowed to express that which it knows. In loving one another, we love ourselves. In caring for another, we care for ourselves. Becoming intimate with another, we become intimate with ourselves. Knowing love is knowing ourselves. We were created in love, and it is love that is at our very center.


    There will always be lessons to learn in love.  Love is not always wonderful, but can be the worse thing in the world! Understand that it is through relationships that we begin to comprehend love.  It is here that we  grow and develop and remember that from which we came.  It is in love that we can have and be everything, even though we may have nothing else at all.

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  • Light Upon Earth

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    Excerpts from the Pleiadian channeled book Comes The Awakening: Realizing The Divine Nature of Who You Are



    There are entire civilizations living now that operate at different frequencies. We tell you that many of them are creations of the Light. They often live in groups or clusters, and are scattered across the world in many nations, such as Africa, Australia, India, South America, many islands, and even in North America.

    Sometimes these groups are so isolated that they are practically unheard of, or else not much attention is paid to them. More often than not, civilized nations look down their noses, if you will, thinking these people lack the intelligence to even care for themselves properly. The truth is, these people serve a higher purpose in the world than anyone might suspect. As an isolated group, or culture unto themselves, they serve as a special unit that is unified for the purpose of creating and intensifying Light upon Earth.


    Now, imagine if you will, each person a very tall pole that sparks with Light and energy. The sparks fly so high that they touch the next pole, and the next, and the next, until the very air above and between all the poles come alive with electrified energy. Will this energy not have the power to change the very molecules in the air? This air space can definitely become different, and although you may not always understand the deeper nature of the changes, it is being changed.

    Those of the Light that cluster together have tremendous power to affect the Earth. Many of these special people throughout history have realized their purpose in one way or another, but many have not, especially in modern times. There are millions that are still searching for their purpose in life. They grasp and clutch at the wrong things and suffer tremendously from disappointment and heartache. When finally they achieve what they thought they wanted to achieve, only emptiness and lack of satisfaction fills the soul with bitter disillusionment.


    We want to tell you there is more, so much more that you are suppose to be accomplishing. You know this to be so, and that is why perhaps you are reading this with eager anticipation. You would not be here now if you did not know in your heart that you belong here. You would not continue reading if you did not believe in the very deepest part of yourself that we have a message especially for you. You are not weak because you stay with us.

    You are not trying to escape reality. Do not believe it when they try to tell you that you are. You are not reading this because you are a strange and weird person. You are simply here with us because this is where you are suppose to be. Think of it as a prearranged meeting. You marked it on your calendar so long ago that you have forgotten, and we are simply calling you up to remind you. We will jog your memory and you will at long last remember the things that we are telling you. In fact, understand that what we tell you, will become yours to know.


    You are connected to others, not in the physical realm, but in the spiritual realm, which you may very well think of as the unseen realm. You have heard of collective consciousness, and we tell you that indeed there is such a thing. We tell you it is true that you may not be the first person to think of an idea. If you think of it, no doubt someone else has thought of it too. This occurs because consciousness is one.

    All consciousness is the consciousness of the ultimate Creator God. This may be a difficult thought to fathom, but think of all minds throughout all of time as one mind. This one mind is that of the Great Spirit, the only Spirit that has created everything under creation. When you think, know that you are thinking the thoughts of God. Every time you act, know that your expression is the expression of God. Think on this if you will, by taking a moment to reflect or meditate on what we have just told you.

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