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  • Who Are The Pleiadians

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    Pleiadians Come From The Pleiades Star Cluster in the Constellation Taurus

    The Pleiades are a cluster of beautiful, dazzling stars located in the constellation of Taurus.  With a telescope, you can see about one-hundred stars.  Without  a telescope, you can see only six or seven stars.  According to ancient legends, the stars are said to be sisters and the daughters of Atlas. The entire Pleiades cluster is actually the eye of the bull in the constellation of Taurus..

    The seven bright stars that helped guide Greek sailors are: Alcyone, Merope, Celeno, Taygeta, Sterope, Electra and Maia. They have been known for thousands of years, surrounded by fascinating legends and stories even to this day. The American Indian Religious Freedom Act was passed in 1979.  Amazingly enough, up until that time, Native Americans were illegally forbidden to practice their traditional rituals and ceremonies. You may wonder what Native Americans have to do with the Pleiadians, but the stories are in their legends, much of which has been encoded, kept secret or hidden. In certain Cherokee legends, it is said that their people originated in the Pleiades long, long ago. They claim to have come to this world as Starseeds to bring Light and knowledge. If the stories are true, then modern day Cherokee, as well as other Native Americans, and many of us with Native American blood contain Pleiadian genes!

    The Pleiadian Realm Is The Next Step in Our Human Evolution

    Certain Pleiadians are highly evolved, more so than most of the  human species.  The Pleiadian Realm from the Pleiades is the next step or level in our human evolution.  It is for this reason that certain knowledge is being given to us by specially enlightened Pleiadian beings.  There are those that want to help us toward our higher spiritual destiny.  These Special Pleiadian Forces reside at a very high frequency that is lighter than what we know.  And thus, the term is often applied.  The higher and lighter the frequency, the closer to the God source one becomes.

    Eventually, all will become Pure Light at the center of creation, which is God or Spirit or whatever name you choose to call it.  As we evolve, gaining wisdom and true understanding about our real essence, we begin to open up more to Love, and to feel our connection with one another and the universe.  In the Earth realm, Love is only experienced and known at a low level compared to all that truly exists.  The God/Spirit frequency is beyond anything we know.  It is Pure Love – It is  is Pure Light.  As we strive and come closer to that center of creation, we will know Love completely and be totally In the Light.

    Pleiadians Navigate Other Worlds Often Without Spaceships Through Human Consciousness

    Although in physical time, the Pleiadians are 541 light years away, they have learned to navigate other worlds, although not always in space ships. They understand our fear of the unknown, and so they come to help in ways that are non-threatening. They are coming now, sometimes in physical form where they can blend in, but most often through human consciousness. Their intent is not to harm but to help us evolve and develop.

    The Pleiadian Message and action is not always one that you might comprehend at first.  Thinking with a purely human mind, you might imagine that they will fly in on some sort of spacecraft.  It is often difficult or impossible for the human mind to grasp the scope of what is not familiar.  Tuning into higher wisdom does not always mean greeting an alien or a spacecraft.

    Try thinking about time concepts if you will.  Suppose that the past, present and future all exist at the same time right now.  That certainly is not an impossibility if you consider time travel.  Suspend that thought for a moment….time travel.  Time travel is possible through consciousness.  So often, this is how wisdom and higher information is passed to us.  Without crossing the barriers of time, the human race would get stuck and stay right where it’s at.

    Pleiadian Forces of Light from the Pleiades Bring Us Information by Crossing Time

    It is through the Crossing of Time, that the Higher Pleiadian Forces of Light from the Pleiades bring us information.  This information is vital in our spiritual  development.  Certain Pleiadians have chosen as their work, a very noble and serious purpose.  They strive to work through the layers of human consciousness to bring higher wisdom from the place they dwell at.  They are not God, yet they bring wisdom, as many have brought wisdom throughout the ages from higher realms.

    Their purpose is not to save your soul, but to enlighten you more to the power and beauty of who you are, and to the divine creation of which we all are a part.  People or so called that bring in certain information are in no way divine or special.  They are simply willing to tune into another place, another time and receive information.  Many humans have always had the capacity to do that.  There will be some that will actually take that chance and put it out there for others to partake of.


    The messages on this page and website are excerpts from the Pleiadian channeled book Comes The Awakening: Realizing The Divine Nature of Who You Are

  • Spiritual Training Part 1

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    The Pleiadians discuss your spiritual training

    A 7 part article by Pleiadian Channeler Lia originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

    Developing Your Soul

    It is through your spirit that you are free. It is through your heart that you feel. Through your body, you are connected to your world, and it is your body that you will leave behind. Know that your spirit soars free at the moment of death. Many of you grieve over this process only because you lack understanding of what it means to leave the earth realm. How is it that you have forgotten that from which you came? We come to remind you by putting a spark of remembrance in you. When you hear our words, you will come to know that which you have forgotten.

    Understand that deep within, you long to know. That is why the human condition is often so sad. On the surface of humanity, all can appear well, but dig below and the sadness lingers deep where no one sees.

    Perhaps you feel as if you have floundered through life, feeling weak and inadequate because you search for those things that seem elusive. Know that the spiritual world only seems elusive because sometimes it is like you are on the outside trying to look in. You cannot really feel all that you know in your heart to be. This causes a certain sense of emptiness in the pit of your soul, so to speak. This emptiness can create a mood. Know that it is simply that, only a mood, not to be taken too seriously, otherwise you will get bogged down in heavy negative energy and you will lose your effectiveness.

    Focus and you will begin to hear answers to the secrets of the universe. These secrets have been with you for an entire lifetime as you have strained to hear. Listen carefully, for with the help of God, we bring you information. We will instruct you on how to focus your energy so that you will be able to shine a direct beam into the darkness. Remember, your power is because of that which you emanate from. You do not stand alone. You are a direct beam from the Source of all Power. Because the Creator is Light, you, also are Light.

    As answers are revealed to you, your job will be to pass them along to others. In doing this, you will help them to remember, and they in turn will help others. This is how spiritual evolution works. Without People of the Light to help, instruct and lead the way, there would be no advancement.

    As you absorb the information that helps you evolve, ponder and take into yourself those ideas and concepts that are right for you and make them your own. As you do this, your mind will actually begin to transform. It is our hope and intention to elevate you to a much higher level than you currently exist at. You have the capability, but not always the know how. We are here to give you the know how. This is what we planned from the beginning. You will not remember the actual planning and preparations, but know that you were there, agreeing and cooperating.

    At this point, we tell you that the mind is energy. It is as simple as that. You have heard the saying, Mind Over Matter. This very short and familiar phrase tells you that the mind is energy. Now say it out loud, Mind Over Matter. This, in itself is a very powerful statement, yet one you have heard over and over, so much so that it has lost its impact.

    Energy translated into matter, becomes your body and mind, and so it is easy to manipulate that which you think you cannot. Think on this, if you will. What exactly is the mind? Are the mind and brain one and the same? You understand the brain to be gray solid matter that lies inside your skull, but ponder the mind. The mind is simply energy, and has the power over matter.

    Within the human condition, there is sadness. Sadness comes from losing a connection to that which you once knew. You try to find it in all sorts of places, but often what you try to find is elusive. The search goes on, day in and day out as you struggle to maintain and find happiness. Can happiness be found at the Earth level? Yes, we assure you that happiness does exist, but it is not to be found in things in the physical realm. Perhaps, for fleeting moments, happiness prevails, but with true happiness there is contentment and peace that can only come from within.

    What do we mean by within? It is within, at the very core of yourself that your spirit resides. That which you are on the inside is not what you are on the outside. Your body is simply a shell that houses what activates you. Observe a dead human and you will immediately understand that all life is certainly gone. The facial features; the body itself has gone flat and lifeless, sometimes so much so that what you once knew is hardly recognizable. We are sorry if you think us morbid. A body is a body, and the important substance is that which occupies the body. Understand that we are trying to make a point, and come from another perspective entirely. Bear with us please, as we do try mightily to be sensitive.

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  • Spiritual Training Part 2

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    The Pleiadians discuss your spiritual training

    A 7 part article by Pleiadian Channeler Lia originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

    Tuning Into Your Higher Self

    We do not want to instigate worry, fear, or concern. Our motive, always, is to bring information in the most pleasant and positive way possible. Creation is so very complex, and there are always those things which can be extremely delicate to convey. We are so excited to have reached you at last, and to bring all those things that will help you to evolve. Please, realize there are many of us here that have learned how to reach you. At this time, there are not as many of you that are willing to connect and tune into us, although the numbers are increasing.

    We are as many and varied as you are on planet Earth. We may come to you individually or as a group or as a unit. We may bring different information. Some of us, just as you, are more interested in conveying history. Some of us are more blunt and want to tell you everything; the good, the bad and even the ugly. Some of us have more knowledge or wisdom than others. Some are more practical, sensitive or even romantic and wish to talk about love and such things.

    It is our hope and intention to bring you only the best. We want you to grow and evolve. We want you to know as much as possible. We do not believe it is to your advantage to fill you with fear. There are indeed fearful things in our creation, but our focus at this point is to now bring you knowledge that there is a higher way if you look within yourself. You contain everything you need to know. By tuning into your higher self, you will evolve.

    Perhaps you might ask, “what is my higher self?” or “where is it?” As we have said, creation is complex, but trust us when we say that your higher self not only dwells within you, but it can reach you from other dimensions. It is often extremely difficult to get in touch with your complete self from where you dwell at the Earth level. You spread through time like a ray from the sun. It is here, at our point in time that you stretch and reach for, as well as beyond, and it is we that reach back through time to you. Know that you are us, and we are you. We are you at a higher more evolved place. It does not stop here, but goes on and on throughout eternity.

    Know that you contain multitudes. You are not simply a mere Earth creature standing alone. If you were to arrange mirrors at certain angles, you would observe hundreds of replicas of yourself. This is how creation is. You extend far beyond what you think you are. How you evolve here will affect how you evolve in other places. You are composed of many components, and it is those components that form your spiritual foundation.

    The important components are made from spirit and not from flesh. The components of flesh will not survive from one realm to the next, but will turn back into the elements from which they came. It is only your spiritual components that survive and go on. These are the vital parts that make you what you are. If you focus purely on the physical, then you will surely wither and your spirit as a whole will suffer. It is to your benefit to develop and evolve yourself. We are your future self. We have the ability to come and help show you the way. By learning what they do not teach you in school, you are learning the real essence of life. By learning to navigate the invisible world, you learn how to deal with your world.

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  • From out of the light Part 5

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    The Pleaidians discuss From Out of the Light, a New World is Forming

    A seven part series from the Pleiadians originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

    Think it into existence

    As you think, so can you do it. Nothing is impossible. As Spirit thinks things into being, so can you think things into being. Although we tell you these things, we know that it will take most of you a lifetime, and maybe never, to assimilate and learn to do what you think is impossible.

    Although we realize this, we still come to tell you that the way must be prepared, not only for yourself, but also for the future generations. As you gain Light and knowledge, so will your children began to learn, and your children’s children, and their children.

    How you develop spiritually affects your physical body

    It must begin now. As you learn of these things, you must try to achieve all that we tell you. As you do so, your body will actually begin to evolve and you will pass this to future generations not only in a spiritual way but through the physical as well. Your physical structure through your DNA is continually changing and evolving to accommodate that which happens first in the spiritual realm. In other words, in places that are unseen to you as of yet.

    Know this to be true, that how you develop spiritually will have a direct impact on your physical body. Your body will grow and develop to accommodate the spiritual. We do not always mean to say that your body will necessarily change its outward characteristics, but its internal structure is where the most profound changes will take place.

    Understand that you will not automatically sprout wings in order to fly, but know that that flying is simply a matter of thought. In time, it will be possible to think yourself right through a wall and up a flight of steps in two seconds if that is what you want.

    Pleiadians speak to your hearts and minds from the Pleiades

    Look at us. We say this with a smile, but are we not a good example? We speak to you, yet we are not in your physical world. Have we not achieved the absolutely impossible by speaking within the hearts and minds of people? How do we do this? It is easy for us as we live far into your future and have evolved to this point, as you will begin to do so now. We can simply think our way into other realities.

    In other words, you exist in our dreams, and all we do is insert ourselves into you as we dream together. Remember, we are your future and you are our past. In our dreams we exist as one. If we exist as one, then we can function as one.

    Although we function as one, we are really not one, but separate, because we are the future extension of you. We must tell you that as we are the extension of you in your future, we have become more highly evolved and it is easier for us to accomplish that which we come to tell you.

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  • From out of the light Part 3

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    The Pleaidians discuss From Out of the Light, a New World is Forming

    A seven part series from the Pleiadians originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

    Light upon earth

    Civilizations are living now that operate at different frequencies. Many of them are creations of the Light, often living in groups or clusters and scattered across the world in such nations as Africa, Australia, India, South America, many islands, and even in North America. Sometimes these groups are so isolated that they are practically unheard of, or else not much attention is paid to them.

    More often than not, civilized nations look down their noses, if you will, thinking these people lack the intelligence to even care for themselves properly. The truth is, these people serve a higher purpose in the world than anyone might suspect. As an isolated group, or culture unto themselves, they serve as a special unit that is unified for the purpose of creating and intensifying Light upon Earth.

    Imagine if you will, each one of these people as a very tall pole that is sparking with Light and energy. The sparks fly so high that they touch the next pole, and the next, and the next, until the very air above and between all the poles come alive with electrified energy. Will this energy not have the power to change the very molecules in the air? This air space can definitely become different, and although you may not always understand the deeper nature of the changes, it is being changed.

    Those of the Light need to cluster together

    Those of the Light that cluster together have tremendous power to affect the Earth. Many of these special people throughout history have realized their purpose in one way or another, but many have not, especially in modern times. There are millions that are still searching for their purpose in life. They grasp and clutch at the wrong things and suffer tremendously from disappointment and heartache. When finally they achieve what they thought they wanted to achieve, only emptiness and lack of satisfaction fills the soul with bitter disillusionment.

    We want to tell you there is more, so much more that you are suppose to be accomplishing. You know this to be so, and that is why perhaps you are reading this with eager anticipation. You would not have read this far if you were not of the Light. You would not be here now if you did not know in your heart that you belong here. You would not continue reading if you did not believe in the very deepest part of yourself that we have a message especially for you.

    Your prearranged meeting with the Pleiadians

    You are not weak because you stay with us. You are not trying to escape reality. Do not believe it when they try to tell you that you are. You are not reading this because you are a strange and weird person. You are simply here with us because this is where you are suppose to be. Think of it as a pre-arranged meeting. You marked it on your calendar so long ago that you have forgotten, and we are simply calling you up to remind you. We will jog your memory and you will at long last remember the things that we are telling you. In fact, understand that what we tell you, will become yours to know.

    Consciousness is one

    You are connected to others, not in the physical realm, but in the spiritual realm, which you may very well think of as the unseen realm. You have heard of collective consciousness, and we tell you that indeed there is such a thing. We tell you it is true that you may not be the first person to think of an idea. If you think of it, no doubt someone else has thought of it too. This occurs because consciousness is one.

    All consciousness is the consciousness of the ultimate Creator God. This may be a difficult thought to fathom, but think of all minds throughout all of time as one mind. This one mind is that of the Great Spirit, the only Spirit that has created everything under creation. When you think, know that you are thinking the thoughts of God. Every time you act, know that your expression is the expression of God. Think on this if you will, by taking a moment to reflect or meditate on what we have just told you.

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  • As You Think, So Shall It Be Part 4

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    The Pleiadians proclaim As You Think, So Shall It Be

    A six part series from the Pleiadians originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

    Understanding Your True Power

    Religion offers hope, perhaps with a prize or reward in the end. Again, what we offer you is total in-Lightenment. Not only will you be in Light, but you will also gain new in-sight as we give you important information. You will see once again, as the blinders are removed and you will participate with a new vigor in all that you do. The new year for you will not be one of destruction, but will be filled with hope. Of course, there will always be the dark moments, but overall, as your spiritual comprehension expands, you will evolve and become a higher tuned being. Understand that the new millennium can be a new beginning for you if you want it to be. Know, also, that if you are not careful, you can get caught up in the mass consciousness and end up on the road of misery and destruction.

    Your thoughts are like your heartbeat or your breath. They do have a life of their own. They take you over and often without your conscious consent. Things happen and you have no idea why. We suggest to you that you start listening to your own words. What are you telling yourself over and over? What do you say to others? Listen to your thoughts and know that you are forming your own reality. Understand, please, that each of you are a world unto yourselves.

    Your world around you is your creation. It is a reflection of your thoughts. If you are not a trusting person, then you will see others as not being trustworthy. If you hold yourself apart from others, then you will wonder why people are not warm and friendly towards you. If you believe there is an Armageddon in your future, then there will most certainly be. Your world will be as you believe it to be, although you will not always consciously understand how this is so.

    The Pleiadians say you have the power to adjust your aura

    You have the power to adjust your aura. Once again, by believing it to be so, you will be able to do it. Your aura is an extension of you. Think of it as part of your energy that floats around you, such as an electromagnetic field. It radiates to that which is inside of you. Know that by your thoughts you have the capacity to change it. As you think you are, you will be, thus your aura will change not only according to your emotions and feelings, but with your wishes and suggestions as well.

    An aura that shimmers as Gold is protective. It is impenetrable. As Light shines Gold, as in the Sun, so shall you shine Gold. Think it and it will be done. While we tell you that a Gold aura will protect you from all spiritual and physical assaults, we also want you to understand that part of the power of a Gold aura lies in the belief that you are indeed strong and invincible. Your belief is what makes it so.

    You contain the power

    To realize your own power is certainly a basic concept to understand, although many believe that true power dwells not within, but outside of themselves. In believing this, they are seriously limiting all that they can be. If you wait for a power beyond to put things into action, then there may be no action, or there may be wrong action. Understand that you are the one that contains the power. It is you that controls the circumstances and events of your life, although it can often seem as if it is life that controls you. Have you not floundered and flailed at times, looking outside of yourself to a God for help? Know that you are God! God dwells within you, and is at the highest level of your spirit.

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