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    Excerpts from the Pleiadian channeled book Comes The Awakening: Realizing The Divine Nature of Who You Are



    It would surprise many of you to know there are actual planetary beings living among you. We must tell you that Earth is certainly a diverse enough planet that many can come here and integrate without any problems at all. There are many, many species from many, many places. Often it is simple to take on the human form, although there are intelligences that take on whatever form they choose. Know that it is always by using the senses that differences will be felt and noticed, although not always at a conscious level.


    As we have told you, many species are born unto the Earth, meaning they have been reincarnated into human form. Know also, that as incredulous as it may seem, creatures in the shape and form of humans have originated in many places in the universe. When we tell you that planetary beings exist in your world now, we are saying that they have arrived from other places and attempt to integrate themselves into Earth’s society. There are reasons this is done; the biggest reason being is to gather information. Earth is full of information that is valuable to other worlds and to other species. There are many ways of assimilating and gathering this information, some of which is known, but most of which is unknown.


    Alien beings come in many forms. Some appear very, very solid, some are tiny, and some are large, ugly or even beautiful. We tell you that most will never appear in their true form, but can and do transform into that which will allow them easy access into your world without attracting undue attention.Some of these beings work directly with humans and some work between the layers of human consciousness. As much as we regret having to tell you, there are many motives, some of which are not so good, and others that have a purpose which you may interpret as divine.You may even interpret our intent and purpose as divine, as we work most often in the subconscious or between the layers of human consciousness.


    If you think of us as rather divine like, we must tell you that, yes, our purposes and intentions may indeed go beyond the human scope, but we are not truly divine in the sense that our original Creator is divine.There are other beings that exist at a much higher level than even we ourselves do, so much so that they are angelic and may be perceived as angels.

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  • The Higher Self of Sex 5

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    Sex is a very big issue because it is not very well understood. It is enjoyed but it is not known for what it truly is. It is needed but no one really knows why. We hope to in-lighten you as to the importance of sex and to the real meaning. You may have suspected that there is more, or maybe you even realize that there is some spiritual significance, but how often do you hear other people talk about it? How often do you read about it? No, instead, what you get are your sex magazines, books and movies. Think about it. It’s all about bodies and usually nothing more.

    There are pictures of beautiful men and women posed with all their lovely body parts in every form possible, each enticing the other. Of course there is the biological aspect, and it is there that the female form entices the male form in order to procreate. It is not stated in so many words of course, but nevertheless, there is a natural biological tendency to attract that which keeps the human race in existence.

    There are many dimensional aspects to sex of course, one being the human biological urge to procreate, and the other being the spiritual linking to the spiritual realm. You might say that the spiritual linking is the result of the biological urge. In keeping the human race going, physical sex is a necessity, and so there is of course, the human biological urgings in place to insure that this happens. There is also the urgings to connect with your divine aspect which is so vital, and so therefore, the sexual element is a large part of who you are. That is why you can feel a strong sexual urge at times. Often you think it is just a longing to feel your physical senses come alive, but it is also a longing to connect with the spiritual.

    Pleiadian Wisdom on 7 Steps to Access the Higher Self of Sex:

    1. Body is only a physical manifestation of all that you are

    2. Human orgasm is the bodily equivalent to a spiritual cosmic experience

    3. Think of sex as a gift of sorts

    4. Ultimate sex is about connecting to a spiritual force outside of yourself

    5. Sex is a very big issue because it is not very well understood

    6. Sex is a feeling that is vital to all parts of yourself

    7. We bring you all that you need to know to go further into the realms of spirithood