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  • As You Think, So Shall It Be Part 2

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    The Pleiadians proclaim As You Think, So Shall It Be

    A six part series from the Pleiadians originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

    Creating Your Own Reality

    We must tell you there is much excitement and even fear concerning the year 2000. There have been countless predictions throughout the ages. Many of those from the past and many of you now see it as an eventful marker of all time. We tell you there have been many markers as there are many paths of reality. Creation is indeed complex. A psychic may tune into only one reality, when there are actually many realities happening at once. Choose your reality, choose your path, and that will be your destiny.

    We must warn you in advance. Much of what you believe will certainly become your reality. Understand that you create not only individually, but collectively as well. It is important to know this because there are many that believe the new millennium will bring destruction or it will be the end of life, as you know it.

    Mass thought creates reality

    Understand that you are connected, one to another, as we all are. Individual thoughts become the prevailing mass thought. As thought patterns group together, they create mass thought, which creates reality. As many of you think, so shall it happen, so shall you do, and so shall you become. Even if you are not aware that you are connected in this way, know that your thoughts become as one. Mass thought patterns can be good or they can be bad. These collective thought patterns can benefit an entire culture or they can send it down the road of destruction. As people most naturally mass together, know that whatever the prevailing thoughts, those things shall come to pass. Think on this as the New Year of 2000 spreads before you.

    There is quite an assortment of people scattered and clustered around the world. Understand this clustering is not by accident, nor is it haphazard. There are reasons for everything. There are many and various kinds of people grouped according to thought patterns and distributed throughout the world in all kinds of places. Notice the differences within cultural groups or in countries, and even communities. These differences are the reason why there has always been such turmoil on planet Earth.

    Frequencies penetrate and express differently throughout the world taking the form of various kinds of people. If this is not clear, we mean that expression in any physical form, first begins as frequency. People that express at the same or similar frequencies form physical cultural clusters. This is how we see life taking place upon Earth in the form of cultural clusters.

    Know that there is much power in these clusterings. Individually, thoughts unite to create the prevailing reality. Religion is a good example of cultural clustering, as there are entire countries that are based on concepts of religion. We are not naming any countries specifically at this time, but certain religions do influence mass thought patterns. These thought patterns create the reality, which is expected. Even if you profess no religious affiliation, know it is possible that you have been influenced or shaped by the culture you live in.

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  • Pleiadian Message Part 2

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    The Pleiadians Come In Love To Help You Remember

    A five part series from the Pleiadians originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

    Believing in Your Beliefs

    Belief systems are important.  Without them life has no texture or spiritual meaning, and life does consist of the spiritual.  We all originate in a realm outside of the one we think we do, and that place is vital to who we are.

    What one believes is truth for him, another believes is truth for her.  This is why humans squabble and fight such as they do.  Each one is consumed and lives completely in their own little universe.  We might add that it can get very lonely in there.  This is what we see, that Humans can suffer greatly from this affliction.  Many of you struggle with physical existence, reaching out as you grope for answers, for people, for connections, always trying to comprehend and understand.   You may spend much time attempting to find those you feel the same vibration with.

    If the many layers of reality could be observed, they would be seen as stacked one on top of another like an eternal pile of pancakes.  Think of time as the syrup seeping through and eventually saturating the pancakes.  Time is not actually as you perceive it, but is only a human made commodity.  It is an attempt to organize physical existence into a cohesive pattern so that you may function with some sort of order.  It is this order that you have turned into linear time.

    The essence of who you are is indeed spirit, and spirit is, for a lack of a better word, frequency.  We, also, are spirit, as all living creations are, yet we exist in another time.  Understand, please, that although we exist in another time, we are also a part of you.  We are one and the same.  There are many of us here and we speak to those of you who are a part of us.  That is why you recognize our voice.  We are of the Light and we filter down through time to speak to you in this way.  You hear us and see us all the time.

    Understand that articles and books are not really necessary to enlighten you as to your condition, although many of you find it quick and easy.  Perhaps you trust another’s knowledge more than your own, and you are spared from having to find the answers in your own mind.  Instead, you will easily see what you need on the pages.  This is perfectly fine.  It is a way for you to learn and grow.  We just wanted to point out that if you found yourself without books and magazines or people, that you could find the answers within yourself.  You will know and find what you need in various places, but it will be in your heart when you know that you have found your own personal truth.

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  • Spiritual Training Part 2

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    The Pleiadians discuss your spiritual training

    A 7 part article by Pleiadian Channeler Lia originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

    Tuning Into Your Higher Self

    We do not want to instigate worry, fear, or concern. Our motive, always, is to bring information in the most pleasant and positive way possible. Creation is so very complex, and there are always those things which can be extremely delicate to convey. We are so excited to have reached you at last, and to bring all those things that will help you to evolve. Please, realize there are many of us here that have learned how to reach you. At this time, there are not as many of you that are willing to connect and tune into us, although the numbers are increasing.

    We are as many and varied as you are on planet Earth. We may come to you individually or as a group or as a unit. We may bring different information. Some of us, just as you, are more interested in conveying history. Some of us are more blunt and want to tell you everything; the good, the bad and even the ugly. Some of us have more knowledge or wisdom than others. Some are more practical, sensitive or even romantic and wish to talk about love and such things.

    It is our hope and intention to bring you only the best. We want you to grow and evolve. We want you to know as much as possible. We do not believe it is to your advantage to fill you with fear. There are indeed fearful things in our creation, but our focus at this point is to now bring you knowledge that there is a higher way if you look within yourself. You contain everything you need to know. By tuning into your higher self, you will evolve.

    Perhaps you might ask, “what is my higher self?” or “where is it?” As we have said, creation is complex, but trust us when we say that your higher self not only dwells within you, but it can reach you from other dimensions. It is often extremely difficult to get in touch with your complete self from where you dwell at the Earth level. You spread through time like a ray from the sun. It is here, at our point in time that you stretch and reach for, as well as beyond, and it is we that reach back through time to you. Know that you are us, and we are you. We are you at a higher more evolved place. It does not stop here, but goes on and on throughout eternity.

    Know that you contain multitudes. You are not simply a mere Earth creature standing alone. If you were to arrange mirrors at certain angles, you would observe hundreds of replicas of yourself. This is how creation is. You extend far beyond what you think you are. How you evolve here will affect how you evolve in other places. You are composed of many components, and it is those components that form your spiritual foundation.

    The important components are made from spirit and not from flesh. The components of flesh will not survive from one realm to the next, but will turn back into the elements from which they came. It is only your spiritual components that survive and go on. These are the vital parts that make you what you are. If you focus purely on the physical, then you will surely wither and your spirit as a whole will suffer. It is to your benefit to develop and evolve yourself. We are your future self. We have the ability to come and help show you the way. By learning what they do not teach you in school, you are learning the real essence of life. By learning to navigate the invisible world, you learn how to deal with your world.

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  • Pleiadian Pulse to Earth Dimension

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    Pleiadian love now happily coming through to you in musical vibrations

    Pleiadian Arrival to Earth song channeled from the PleiadiansCan you feel our pulse? It is transmitting to you from afar and near as well. In the coded musical pulse of this song, we transmit our intentions to Earth. Listen carefully and listen to each beat, each pulse. Open your soul ears and breathe it in through your nose and your mouth. Come with us and sway with the music, receive it into your heart and feel the vibration of what we are thinking and feeling. As we think and feel, so shall you think and feel.

    Pleiadian news from a higher source

    The message is one of love and we happily send it in many ways. Here, we are sending our message as music, as music is universal and it’s a certain vibration that can be felt by every creature of creation. Please close your eyes and listen. Receive the images into your brain and sway with it. This will help to convey the news from a higher source level and you will know there must be cohesiveness and love if peace is ever to prevail on planet Earth. Your world is ready, and we are ready now to come to you in whatever way is necessary.

    Love is the key

    We are now happily coming through to you in musical vibrations. Music is so easily decoded by all humans, by every universal being. We come in love and in love you shall exist. Love is the key and to receive this message, it must be realized in order for your planet to survive, evolve and transcend into the next phase, as the next level is indeed pure love. That is the message we want to convey in the pulse of this song. Please listen carefully.

    Pleiadian Pulse to Earth Dimension 2 minute Sample

    Buy the full 8 minute song at Amazon

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  • From out of the light Part 2

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    The Pleaidians discuss From Out of the Light, a New World is Forming

    A seven part series from the Pleiadians originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

    Fine tuning your senses

    We come to you with a purpose and do so in love. This love is nothing you can know or comprehend at your present moment. This is a love that is completely devoid of greed, hate, selfishness, and evil, and there is only one true intention, and that is to inspire and further the creation. As of yet, such complete love does not currently exist at the human level.

    Even as you read this, it is difficult for you to fully grasp that which we speak because you are shrouded completely in a thick fog, all memory of your original creation forgotten, all memory of anything real and divine forgotten. Yes, we call the spiritual world real instead of the one you exist in now. Your Earth is simply an illusion in the overall scheme of things. You know this to be true in your heart. That is why you may often feel a distant, aching longing in the deepest part of yourself. It is your spirit trying to reach beyond the fog to what it once remembered.

    Pleiadians come to help you remember

    We come to you now to help you remember all that was and all that should be. As you begin to awaken, your job will be to take what you know to others. Do not be concerned with those that laugh and scorn you. Move away, and move on, for they are the lost ones. They are not of the Light, and naturally they will try to dissuade you. Know that you are the stronger one and it is important that you not shrink back and be thwarted from what you know in your heart you must do. We are always there, helping you to help others.

    At this time, please try to remember and know that we have been with you a long, long time. Start to think on your life and begin to remember all the strange little things that have gone on. Have you not spent a lifetime feeling different than others, perhaps? Have you not felt strange, or have others not called you weird, although laughing as they told you so?

    You are the light and you are different

    Know now, that you are different. You are the Light and you are special, and it will be possible for you to accomplish amazing things. Not only will the Light of your being cut a path in front of you, but it will hunt out, search and destroy those that attempt to come in and hide, and even try to function in this world as if they are indeed born as human.

    You must begin to fine-tune your senses. As you do, you will develop the capacity to know Light from Dark. It is very important to know who is evil and who is good. There are those who will never develop the ability to discern, but indeed you have the equipment, and all you have to do is listen to your heart. Knowing things is not always a matter of the intellect.

    There are plenty of smart people around, but they operate mainly by intellect instead of intuition. As it is now, intellect is valued highly in what you call developed countries, while intuition is not always accepted or taken so seriously.

    The value of intuition

    We tell you it is by intuition that the most important things are to be found. There are humans who have lived and are living now, that know the value of intuition. These people themselves are not always valued or thought of very highly because of their seeming lack of civilized behavior or sophistication. Regardless of their outward appearances, they are far superior in that they are able to operate at a level that many are not capable of. Once these levels are obtained, the physical and material things of this world become less important.

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  • Limiting Ourselves

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    Excerpts from the Pleiadian channeled book Comes The Awakening: Realizing The Divine Nature of Who You Are


    Religions can limit spiritual evolution. Of course, there are many that need God and they find their God through organized religion. This is fine.  There are many levels to our evolving. It’s when we start limiting ourselves spiritually that problems arise deep in our souls.

    Sometimes we can end up walking alone in the dark, or stumble as a group, all senses shut down.  We smile outwardly and follow the rules or the group, but inside, we yearn for more.


    Much of humanity believes that God is only capable of speaking through the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, Holy books and Holy people.  This is absurd!  By believing this, we are limiting ourselves.

    We often attach our own blinders, and refuse to look elsewhere for enlightenment.  And, we do not ask questions, because our Holy books requires strict adherence to a set of rules that forbids exploration.


    By following rules, we limit the expression of our own spirits.  By refusing to listen to our hearts, we follow blindly, and we believe blindly.

    The only way to truly evolve ourselves is to listen carefully.  Listen to the voice inside of you.  It  struggles to be heard.  Listen to your heart and follow it.  It will take you where you need to go.

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