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  • Intro to Pleiadian Jubilation to a New Earth Nation

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    A Pleiadian musical frequency about hope and love

    Pleiadian Arrival to Earth song channeled from the Pleiadians

    There is a nice moderately slow 2 minute entrance to this song using one of the earliest electronic instruments invented on planet Earth, the Theremin. We love this instrument as it is played by using human frequency, or in our case, Pleiadian frequency. Listen carefully as we come closer through the sound of this particular frequency. We hope that you can sense that we are near as you listen with intent and trust.

    We are very excited about the coming of the new Earth Nation

    The beginning sound of this song is like a slow, thoughtful walk as we approach carefully and lovingly. Walk with us through it and know that we feel jubilant in being able to bring messages of hope and love. As the song progresses, we are so jubilant that we jump for joy and the music speeds up because we’re feeling very excited about the coming of the new Earth Nation. Frequencies are changing and this will take place when all beings become ascended and recognize each other as their fellow beings.

    A Pleiadian introduction to our sense of joy about new realization

    Yes, this will be the beginning of jubilation and joy when every living creature on Earth realizes their connection to each other and even to those outside of the Earth plain of existence. Sway and smile with us in the introduction of this song, as it is rather like a song unto itself, and this is the intention so that we can slowly introduce our sense of joy that we are feeling as we see what is happening among you. And then, let us fully emerge into the feeling of joy and dance as the music brightens up and takes you on a happy journey where all things are possible and everything is new.

    Intro to Pleiadian Jubilation to a New Earth Nation 3 minute Sample

    Buy the full 8 1/2 minute song with dance segment at Amazon

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    Pleiadian Jubilation to a New Earth Nation

  • Special Keys

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    Special Keys To Unlock The Secrets Of Human Survival

    Working With Spirit Within to Make Our Navigation On Earth A Bit Easier And Calmer.

    SPECIAL KEY 1 – Ridding Ourselves Of Fear

    SPECIAL KEY 2 – Repelling Negativity

    SPECIAL KEY 3 – How To Remain In the World, Yet Not Go Down With It

    SPECIAL KEY 4 – Spiritual Discipline

    SPECIAL KEY 5 – Retaining Your Happiness No Matter What


    How do we do this? Simply let it go. Let go and let the Spirit, or as some would say, let go and let God. Move yourself aside, meaning that the human part of us can become bewildered with the circumstances of what surrounds us in the physical and material realm. Get past the human part by focusing within and visualizing the soul that you really are. Visualize and know for sure that God is part of you, and that you are part of God.

    This is far more powerful than anything that you could possibly see or feel in the physical world. You can get stronger by knowing who you really are. Who you are never ends or never dies. No matter what you see with your physical eyes, know this to be true. Hang onto that knowledge and trust it.


    We cannot focus on negativity and expect to be positive. Negativity begets negativity. It feeds on itself. Surround yourself with joy, good people and good circumstances, and this is what you will reap. Positivity reaps positivity. How do we rid ourselves of negativity when it seems to surround us from all sides? Simply get away from it and refuse to take it inside of yourself.

    It is always amazing how the human condition can attract drama. We immerse ourselves so much in it that we can drown and put out the Light. We don’t always realize that we’re doing this, but once we become aware of it, it becomes easier to see how to remove ourselves. Just do it! Get away, if only for a moment, but do it for yourself – TUNE OUT, DROP IN – go to a place within yourself, or to a special place that will be sure to renew and nourish your soul and feed you heart.


    We see with our human eyes, yet we also see with our soul eyes. It is true that with our human eyes, the physical view is so powerful and tremendous that we forget completely that we are first and foremost – a soul. And the soul can handle anything! The human condition cannot.

    Back to the First Key – Let go and let Spirit – or let God. Imagine that you are moving aside. Now let the Spirit come riding in to take you over. Do not hold back. Do not be afraid. It is your own Spirit, yet the Spirit of God – for you are one with Spirit – the Divine Source and Creator. Simply know that the Spirit will protect and keep you, even in the world, no matter what is happening. Start now to open up and let yourself be filled.


    If we were not taught discipline as children, it is never too late. We can teach ourselves through our own awareness. To be spiritually disciplined is to learn how to navigate more efficiently in this Earth realm. It is only with our Soul eyes operating with full Light, that we will truly be able to navigate in a steady fashion. If you find yourself drowning, please catch yourself.

    You really are the only one that can turn on your Inner Light. Visualize the turning on of this Light. Click it on now – Imagine that it’s growing brighter. Now aim and direct this beam of Light in the way that you want to go. You ARE the Light! Follow the path to your destination of choice. Do you choose to fall off the sides into the dark destruction, or do you choose to walk on your Path of Light?

    Walking on your Path of Light does not mean that you will not encounter adversity – but that you will be led with clearer and calmer eyes to see the adversity. As you begin to see and walk with your Soul Eyes, you will develop awareness. Your growing awareness will help you to become more disciplined – growing stronger and calmer as a result. Spiritual discipline in an inner strength that will only help you, not hinder you.


    Happiness is a state of being and one in which you determine the level. By learning how to Rid Yourself of Fear, Repel Negativity, and knowing How To Remain in the World and Not Go Down With It, you will automatically develop discipline of your psyche and your Spirit. You will begin to see more and more with your Soul Eyes. Because you are learning how to Rid Yourself of Fear, and learning how to Repel negativity, you will no longer attract these certain forces to yourself. You will still see that negativity and bad things are still in the world, but they are outside of yourself, not inside.

    Happiness is a state that is in your own heart. Yes, you can still feel that which happens around you – but you will not allow it to suck you into a deep, dark hole and keep you there. By holding onto fear and negativity, you will lose your Happiness. Feel the situation of what is going on around you – be sensitive to the world that surrounds you. Understand that your Awareness is developing and it will help to keep you from drowning in a sea of darkness and negativity. You have learned Spiritual Discipline.

    You will walk as Light, bringing Light and Love to the world, no matter what the outside situation looks like. In doing this, you will feel an inner HAPPINESS – a peace in your soul – You Will NOT Go Down With the World, no matter what. Know this to be true. Please…let it keep you and guide you, for it is God that resides inside of you.


    Please enjoy more wisdom by reading the Pleiadian channeled book Comes The Awakening: Realizing The Divine Nature of Who You Are

  • Love Is All We Want

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     Why is it that we sometimes repel Love?  Is it intentional or is it subconscious?  Whatever the reasons, they can be quite complex.  Some of us have been traumatized whether in this lifetime or another.  We simply may be afraid.  Even so, it is not always advantageous to stay with the same person throughout an entire lifetime.  There will be many that will not like to hear this, but nevertheless it is true.

    Love is more important than anything.  If you have not known Love, you have not known true happiness, for happiness is love.  Some believe that happiness is in money or possessions, but the real source of happiness is in knowing love.

    Love begins in the spiritual realm.  It is a powerful and true and pure emotion.   We all long to know and remember that which we once knew, but our vision has been clouded, yet we struggle to regain what we recognize as the very center of our being.


    Love will often be difficult to find, even though we began as spiritual beings created in divine Love.  We search, we wander, and we even flounder, but our attempts are often in vain as we settle for Love that is only a shadow or hint of the real thing.

    Please, do not feel dismayed or click away before I can explain fully. You see, there are varying degrees of Love that can be experienced all within the same lifetime. There are people that connect with each other, and experience the same degree of Love throughout a lifetime with only each other. Others only remain together for fear of moving on or going forward. Changes are very difficult for people, and the anticipated stress that often accompanies these changes may be avoided at all costs.

    When two people stay together an entire lifetime, it may be that varying degrees of love are all experienced within this one relationship. It is also possible that Love can exist at the same degree within the same relationship over a lifetime, although not always at the mutual satisfaction of both parties. More than likely in this kind of relationship, there is acceptance and even tolerance, for whatever reasons.


     Please, know that Love is extremely important. Love, in fact, is the prime motivating force for all experience. This is the one absolute, true form of expression. It permeates throughout every level, originating at the top, so to speak.

    All creations strive for Love.  All creations know Love, for they were created in Love. The Spirit is Love, and really, nothing more.  Not everyone will know or understand this, for it often seems elusive. It is not really elusive, but Love at the Earth realm is simply not expressed as it is in the higher realms. Some will give up trying to find it and live their lives alone. Others will die for it, and some will strive over and over to find that which they have known in another time, another place.

    Love, in whatever form and however expressed, is the vital element to our happiness on Earth. The secret is, that loving anything other than another, will not fulfill what it is we need.

    What we need is each other.  Money, power, position, things, will not replace what we get from loving and being loved by another.

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  • Important Pleiadian Information

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    We come to offer you IMPORTANT INFORMATION. We promise, your blinders will be removed. You will see the truth for yourself. All we ask is that you open to the possibilities …follow to where your heart leads.

    Many in our realm have learned to REACH YOU,  although there are not many on Earth that connect and tune into us…although the numbers are ever increasing.

    There will be many that will hear and take the message of higher learning and evolution to others.


    The messages on this page and website are excerpts from the Pleiadian channeled book Comes The Awakening: Realizing The Divine Nature of Who You Are

  • Love & Sex

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    Until our return to the spirit realm, we have been given consolation in expressing and feeling love for one another. It is important that we know love is at the center of who we are. No matter what we are feeling at the moment, in the overall scheme of things, our spirits will go on and on forever…and with us, will always be Love. Love leads to the topic of sex, for it is in sex that we physically experience the emotion of Love. The emotion of Love is based in spirituality. All creations strive for Love.  All creations know Love, for they were created in Love. The following posts explore these themes.

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  • God

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    God certainly does not live outside of us, but within us.  And certainly, He does not live in one book where we must find all our answers.  And last of all, He does not live in only select persons who reveal the one true way. If God lives within us, the answers are there already.  Seek and ye shall find them.


    The following 4 posts are wisdom from the Pleiadians

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  • Belief Systems

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    Excerpts from the Pleiadian channeled book Comes The Awakening: Realizing The Divine Nature of Who You Are


    Many believe that to be an American is to be a Christian. Many believe that to be Indian, you must be Hindu, or to be Middle Eastern you must be Muslim, or as an Asian, you must be a Buddhist or believe in Shintoism.

    These are only belief systems, and there are many around the world. It is when we look at a system outside of our own system that causes us to have real problems. The belief may seem strange only because we are not familiar with it, and so we judge and we condemn.

    This is to be expected, after all, we are only human.  It is not in our nature to accept those things that go beyond us or reside outside of our realm of knowledge. If something is different, it is suspect, or wrong.


    There are many things in our universe that go beyond the realm of what we know. And indeed, there are belief systems that go way beyond the familiar concepts that we are comfortable with. On this Earth, there are vast majorities searching desperately, seeking deeper truths and meaning. As many forge down new paths, trekking across once forbidden boundaries…they will eventually find answers that truly satisfy the soul.

    These answers may not always come in a familiar and comfortable way. We are indeed entering a New Age. We are evolving rapidly, as new, enlightening information is presenting itself to us more than ever.

    What IS important is that we remain open enough to receive that which will help us to be all we were meant to be. We are spiritual beings, and it is our right to know all that we should know, and express that which we are.

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  • Love Is the Elixir of Life

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    Without even thinking about it, we often try to pile up all kinds of things before Love. We can become desperate as we seek to fill the void. Know there is nothing that can fill the void except for Love , for it is in love that we have been created. We need to express it and feel the emotion and be loved in return.

    Searching for Love is always a good and noble endeavor. Even if we find ourselves in and out of many romances or relationships, we must keep searching. Every time we find Love, we learn more and possibly know deeper Love. There is nothing on Earth that feels better and more satisfying than the wonderful feeling of Love. It is life’s elixir. When the heart is broken and love is withdrawn, nothing feels worse. It is then that we feel bitterly poisoned.  Know that Love is at the center of our being, although we can indeed feel bad when it is withdrawn from us by another.

    It is important to understand that love can never really be taken from us.  This might be a startling fact to realize, but it is true!  It’s true because love is contained within us.  No matter what we are feeling at the moment, in the overall scheme of things, our spirits will go on and on forever…and with us, will always be Love.


    Look at our movies, listen to our songs, read our history, and know of the future.  What is the prevailing theme?  Is it not Love?  Over and over throughout existence, it is love.  We all have been loved, and we will Love, repeatedly, not only in this lifetime, but in others as well.

    We were designed for Love, and so it is that we must extol ourselves not to grow bitter and weary, but to remain open for the possibility of feeling so wonderful an emotion.  The emotion of love, is the emotion in which we were created!


    Love leads to the topic of sex, for it is in sex that we physically experience the emotion of Love.  The emotion of Love is based in spirituality.  It is difficult for some to realize that sex has anything to do at all with spirituality.  Look at society, for example, and all the warnings about sex.  This has happened because the spirituality of genuine love in the context of sex is often missing.

    Sex is being practiced on a physical basis totally devoid of any spirituality.  At the same time, we must not allow ourselves to feel condemned if we find ourselves in this category.  Once again, be reminded that Spirit will express as it must.  If pure physicality is wanted then that is what will be expressed.

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